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Top 10 Free iPhone Apps to Lose Weight March 9, 2013

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Top 10 Free iPhone Apps to Lose Weight.


wow, some of these apps are awesome and i need to check into downloading them into my iPhone! with rachel coming soon, i need to save this list so i can get my head back in the game and start losing baby weight after she arrives. i will NOT be one of those women who claims 3 years later that she *just* had a kid and that’s why she’s still fat. nope, nope, nope! i vow that that will not be me!


low calorie tricks June 28, 2011

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to keep weight off, i’ve found that i have to make little tweeks to my diet to still eat some of the foods i love. one of the staples of my diet, especially since jamie has been gone, is cereal. i make a meal out of cereal quite often because it’s quick, easy, and i love it! :o) as i talked about in an earlier blog post, i’ve stopped drinking cow milk and now drink almond milk. recently, i tried out the unsweetened version, and it was good to my surprise! it is only 35 calories per cup! big difference! and that it isn’t overly sweet doesn’t even bother me. when i first began using it in my cereal, i’d add a little splenda to it, but i usually don’t even do that now. in fact, i pour up a glass of it and drink it straight. i really have come to like the taste of the unsweetened almond milk, so i’m glad i gave it a try.

another thing i love is pizza. one way i make it is to use tortillas for the crust. i also load up on veggies like spinach, olives (which have healthy fats in them, by the way), mushrooms, slices of tomato, etc., and stay light on the cheese. while i was browsing through walmart’s grocery department the other day, i came across Hormel turkey pepperoni. this stuff has 70% less fat that regular pepperoni. one serving of 17 slices has only 70 calories (only half what regular pepperoni has!) and 4 g fat (1.5 sat), whereas regular pepperoni has about 13 g fat per serving! straight out of the package, it tastes kinda like spicy beef jerkey, so i was skeptical about the taste on pizza, but when cooked with the other ingredients, it really does taste like pepperoni! yum!

those are a few of my low calorie tricks. do you have any you can share with us?