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House Progress Update December 21, 2009

Jamie and I have moved a few furniture items and appliances into the new house. We spent a couple of hours Thursday evening removing wallpaper border. It was surprisingly easy. It just took us a while because there was so much of it. It was in nearly every room and all down the hallway.

In case you ever need to know how to do it, these are the steps:
1. Peel back a piece from top or bottom and yank it off the wall. This will only bring the top layer off (the part that has the design on it), which is what you want.
2. Once that’s gone, you take a water bottle and add about a teaspoonful of fabric softener and fill it up with water. Saturate what’s left on the wall and let it sit for a few minutes.
3. Using a plastic scraper, scrape up and the paper will just fall away.
4. When you are finished with an area, use a wet sponge to wipe away the excess water/fabric softener and the remaining small amount of glue that’s still on the wall.

Caveat: Don’t let the old saturated wallpaper sit on your floor and dry. It still has glue on it and will be a mess to clean up. It’s best to have a plastic bag or something with you and pick it up as it drops.

Today, I painted most of the dining room. This is the color (Autumn Surprise):

I know that it is whoa-dark, but it is beautiful on the wall. We loved Autumn Surprise so much, we’re painting the living room this color also. It makes the house look so warm and cozy. We have white tiled floors and a white hearth, and I’m leaving the doors white. Plus, our rugs will be a muted gold color, so there’ll be plenty of lighter colors in the living room and dining area. The only other dark colors are our couch and chairs, which are garnet with dark wood. The only problem with this color is that I had to put like 3 coats on, and I still need to touch up in a few spots. It took me 5 hours to do one and a half walls. It will be Christmas by the time I finish that living room, if I’m lucky! I’ll post some pics when I’m done.


Bathroom Decorating November 28, 2009

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I have had a kokopeli/south pacific theme with turquoise and beige in my bathroom for the past 5 years. I need a change. I have decided to paint the walls of my new bathroom the same color that is in my current dining room, because I love the color and will miss it when I move. It is called fava bean and looks very similar to this:

I think fava bean has more of a brown/yellow undertone than this does, but you get the idea.

The shower curtain I have ordered is a gray and black modern print. Reviews say that the gray is more of a taupe color, which will probably coordinate with my fava bean nicely. I think the black pattern will set a bold statement against the pale green.

I also want to add in a few bright pink accents. I found a print that I might get, or I may just do a black, white, and pink painting to go in there.

So what do you think of the colors/patterns? I’ve picked out some white bathroom accessories and a pink soap dish. I don’t want pink to be an overwhelming color in the bathroom, just a little accent here and there.
Do you think design style and colors should flow throughout the house? I tend to think that each room is a new opportunity for design and color. My living room flows into my dining room (no dividing wall) so I’ll probably have similar colors there, but I think my bedrooms and bathrooms are fair game to play with different colors and ideas. For instance, we will have mostly red and gold in our bedroom, but the spare bedroom will be light blue and dark brown. I also plan to use mostly blues in my kitchen, even though my kitchen is open to my dining area.


Look, Think, Ask August 7, 2009

The first few days of school went pretty well this week. I’ve definitely had worse starts to the school year, so I can’t complain. This year, I tried a new tactic to begin my classes. Usually I do some type of getting to know the students exercises, which the students half-heartedly participate in. This year, I let them write down some stuff about themselves on an All About Me worksheet, and then, I made the rest of the class period about ME!

Well, sort of. What I did was a lesson called Look, Think, Ask. I brought in some important items from my house (a painting I painted, a silly hat I got on Beale St., an afghan that I crocheted for my grandmother before she died, a framed baby picture, and the race shirt I got from my first 5K). I told them that they needed to look at the items I was bringing out, think about questions to ask to find out more info about the items, and then raise their hands and ask the questions. This activity served two purposes. For them, it stressed critical thinking skills, and for me, it helped them see me in a different and more personal light. I think that if students can relate to you and see you not just as “teacher” but more as a human being, they will find it harder to be disrespectful or to act out in class. I hope this will make the first few weeks a smoother ride.

You know, work or other relationships might even benefit from the Look, Think, Ask activity if we only take the time to notice little things about those people and get to know them better by asking questions. After all, everyone likes talking about themselves, at least a little. I know there are certainly coworkers at my school that I haven’t gotten to know very well, even though this is the fourth year that I’ve worked there. Maybe I’ll mosey into some classrooms and see what i can Look, Think, and Ask about this year.


a little more abstract August 2, 2009

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This is a painting I did in oil of a vase of daffodils and narcissus that I’d picked one spring.

art 015These are a few of my recent experiments with acrylics and other mediums.

art 016art 051I actually used real sand with my acrylic paint on the underwater one above and used plaster on the stars acrylic painting.


Landscapes in oil

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I started out painting landscapes in oil a few years ago. Here are some of them. Sorry they are so small. I tried to make them large, but it just chopped off part of the image.

12-26-07 001art 002art 004art 009art 010art 060art 063art 067