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Oil Paintings November 20, 2011

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Once you’ve learned to ride a bike, you never forget. But no one said getting back on one after years was as easy as if you’d ridden yesterday. This is just an analogy, though. I love riding my bike! :o)

Recently, I have had the opportunity to sell my artwork on consignment at a gift shop in Eupora called The Lazy Lizard owned by a woman I went to high school with. I gave her some of my old oil paintings and some of my newer acrylic paintings. But I have been itching to get back to oil painting, so this was a good push for me to do just that.

I first began oil painting around 2004. A man at a crafts store in Starkville gave me lessons whenever I wanted them and whenever I showed up on Saturdays. Over the course of perhaps a year, I painted probably 12-15 oil paintings with him and on my own. Not that many, but I definitely had a talent for picking up the techniques pretty quickly. Well, I started teaching and stopped going. I painted a few more oil paintings and got busy with life and stopped painting all together. In the past two years, I’ve picked up acrylic painting and done a few of those here and there. I don’t really enjoy acrylic painting, though. I find that I don’t have the patience for this layer to dry before putting on the next layer and the next. Also, acrylic doesn’t blend easily like oil does. I can just create so many more cool effects with oil. So for the past few years, I’ve been wanting to get back into it.

When I found out that I had an outlet to sell my artwork, I pushed away my fears that I’d “lost it” (my gift, that is, not my mind!). I painted this painting a few weeks ago, the first one I’ve done since getting back to it. Pretty decent for not doing any for about 5 years.

Tonight, I did my second painting since I’ve begun oil painting again. Thought I would post the process to show you how it looks as the process goes along.

Sorry that the quality of the photos isn’t great.  My camera doesn’t take great pics and takes even worse ones if I turn the flash off. The last one is a close up of the wave itself. It isn’t perfect, but I’m never 100% happy with my paintings *lol* Oh well. That’s just my personality, I guess. I am still very happy with how it turned out today. I think I am back to a good start.


Running Collage March 5, 2011

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Last semester I taught Creative Writing to a small class of high school students. One assignment that we did was the “headline poem,” which is where you cut out interesting headlines from newspapers, magazine articles, ads, etc., and manipulate the words to make a poem about whatever topic you choose. This is a really easy way to create poetry, but for some reason, my Creative Writing classes in the past have had a hard time with this, especially getting started on it. So this past fall, I made my own headline poem and created a collage out of it to have as a nice, complete example for them. Now it sits in my spare bedroom beside my treadmill as a bit of motivation if I need it. It reads:

“Why I Love to Run”


This is my happy hour,

Place of peace.

Breathe in, exhale.

Feel the burn?

Got cramps?

Feel free to sing, wild thing.

Ponytails, crossroads, sunshine,

Sights and sounds of summer.

Bring on the cold.

Grab life on every corner,

Never fade.

It’s all inside,

Eyes on the prize,

Beating my own expectations.

My secret, I sweat like a pig.

I’m a runner.

Ta-da! Wonder found.

What are you hungry for?

A truly natural progression.

If you think there’s a problem,

Turning point, running.

Be ready for anything.

Lose weight,

Chew on this S-L-O-W-L-Y.

Chip away the pounds,

Change a life,

Your life.

Love your heart. (Use it daily.)

Extraordinary love.

Bring home something truly priceless.

Celebrate smart choices!

The best new you has never looked better,

A sexy glow the old-fashioned way.

Recharged mind and body.

Live the life.

author: Cyrena Shows


The Google Art Project February 28, 2011

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Ever wondered what it would be like to walk through the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City or the Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin? If you live in Podunk, Mississippi, or Backwoods, South Dakota, you probably figure you never will experience those museums filled with art from so many masters from over the centuries.


Google has created the Art Project, which is an interactive, online collection of some of the greatest art in the world. You can take a virtual tour through the Met or you can zoom in on Van Gogh’s “Starry Nights” to see details you wouldn’t even be able to see if you were lucky enough to stand in its presence in the actual museum. There is even a feature which lets you choose the pieces you most like to make your own personal “collection” that you can view and share with others. All you have to do now is click on the link below, kick off your shoes, sit back, and view the best art as it appears before your eyes.


Art Project, powered by Google.


Friends February 2, 2011

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January 22nd was mine and Jamie’s 8th anniversary. We’ve had 8 great years of marriage, and I hope we have many more ahead. Since he’s at Ft. Lewis, my mom and girlfriends took me out for a girls’ day. My mom spent the night at my house the night before, and we giggled and talked until late into the night. Mary and Traci picked us up Saturday morning. We ate yummy burgers at Grumpy’s, a local BBQ place, before heading over the Dandy Doodlez, a paint-your-own-pottery studio. We spent a few hours there just chatting and doing some painting to relieve the stresses of the week. Here’s what I made Jamie and me for our anniversary:

I thought love birds were fitting. :o)

After our pottery was finished, we went to see Black Swan at the theatre (woo, crazy!). Then we met up with some more friends and ate supper at Chili’s. I had a decadent dessert that was more calories by itself than my meal! eek! We had a great day, and I really appreciate that my friends care enough about me to make the day special, even though Jamie couldn’t spend our anniversary here at home.


a little more abstract August 2, 2009

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This is a painting I did in oil of a vase of daffodils and narcissus that I’d picked one spring.

art 015These are a few of my recent experiments with acrylics and other mediums.

art 016art 051I actually used real sand with my acrylic paint on the underwater one above and used plaster on the stars acrylic painting.


Landscapes in oil

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I started out painting landscapes in oil a few years ago. Here are some of them. Sorry they are so small. I tried to make them large, but it just chopped off part of the image.

12-26-07 001art 002art 004art 009art 010art 060art 063art 067