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End of Year Update December 21, 2012

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I am finally out for Christmas break! Yay! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve updated this blog. This year has been such a crazy one. After two miscarriages, Jamie and I are patiently expecting a sweet little baby girl next spring that we’ve already named Rachel Annaliese. We are slowly getting things together for her arrival. I love buying cute little girly clothes to put on her. Jamie and I are about to head out to look for her a wardrobe that we can store all these sweet little finds in. I am 21 weeks, 1 day today. My tummy is huge, and everyone swears that it’s twins and that i’ll never last until May. I figure she will come early myself, but I hope not too early! i want her to have lots of time to get ready for the world while protected in Mama’s belly. I definitely am not rushing things. i am still learning tons of things about babies and will be taking birthing and breastfeeding classes in January. There is so much to do before she arrives, and I am sure the next four months will fly buy.


Dolly Partons Imagination Library – USA, United Kingdom, Canada December 17, 2012

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while i don’t always agree with her views, this is a really good charity that dolly has started up. children through 5 years can register to receive a free book per month.

Dolly Partons Imagination Library – USA, United Kingdom, Canada.