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We’re Having a Baby! February 26, 2012

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I am just over 4 weeks pregnant and due November 1, 2012. I haven’t posted in a while, because I didn’t really trust myself not to say anything on here, even though I have been keeping a daily journal of all the goings-on since  February 8th. I just got a positive test result a few days ago, but I have known for a few weeks that something was definitely going on with my body. I seemed to have almost every pregnancy symptom in the book! I even bought a few baby things over a week ago at a gift shop. That’s how confident I was that a baby was on the way!

I know it seems early to be shouting this from the mountaintops. That’s something that I’ve actually struggled with a good bit since realizing what was going on with my body. I finally decided that no matter what happens, I want the support and prayers of my family and friends. Just as I expect to share in my joys with them, I am not afraid to suffer sorrows with them. Besides, I couldn’t spend the next month in fear and silence. This is a time for celebration, after all!

The first we told was my parents. I had a really rough time trying to get them to come over. My dad was tired from work and didn’t want to do any traveling. I finally persuaded them by telling them that I had a gift that I’d found the day before and wanted to give them, but I had to give it to them both or it’d just have to wait. So they came, and I handed them a little yellow gift bag with this inside:

My mom jumped up and down and hugged us after the she read the bib aloud to my dad, and I think you could have knocked my dad over with a feather. It was a sweet surprise for them. I messed up the surprise to Jamie, so I wanted to surprise someone! *lol* I had gotten two negative tests last weekend, which had really bummed me out, even though I knew it was too early to be testing. The morning I took the pregnancy test, I had planned to hand him this cute little rattle I’d bought and then the pregnancy test when it dawned on him. Well, I was so surprised to see the line that I came into the living room and asked him if he saw it, too! We still had a very sweet moment together, standing there in the kitchen looking at the test and hugging. Our lives are really about to change!