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sweet freedom! November 18, 2011

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yesssssssssss! i have been set free for a whole nine days! oh yeah! i am so excited to be off work for a little while. i was getting pretty irritable and just exhausted. i need this break in a BAD way :) so i already have a list a mile long of things i *want* to do (read: not things i *have* to do!). no stress – just excitement! i plan on getting my tree up in the next few days. i have got to do some major vacuuming first, which i am really happy to finally have some sweet sweet free time to do! i mean, i can’t even convey in exclamation points the amount of excitement i feel right now to just be free for working for a little while. i know working is good for you, but i secretly think i was meant to be a homemaker. too bad we don’t have the ability to live off only jamie’s salary. i think i’d quit in a hot second. i just have so many hobbies that would make me so happy to pursue with fervor and an unlimited amount of free time. yet, i do have that annoying little shopping addiction that definitely wouldn’t be pacified anymore.

speaking of shopping, i have been doing a lot of it this year with jamie gone, so i plan on doing some review posts of some more products i’ve tried lately, so stay tuned for that. better yet, sign up to get email notifications! ;o) now, back to watch my movie in my pj’s! enjoy the thankgiving holiday and watch out for the meanies if you go out on black friday!


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