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Oil Paintings November 20, 2011

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Once you’ve learned to ride a bike, you never forget. But no one said getting back on one after years was as easy as if you’d ridden yesterday. This is just an analogy, though. I love riding my bike! :o)

Recently, I have had the opportunity to sell my artwork on consignment at a gift shop in Eupora called The Lazy Lizard owned by a woman I went to high school with. I gave her some of my old oil paintings and some of my newer acrylic paintings. But I have been itching to get back to oil painting, so this was a good push for me to do just that.

I first began oil painting around 2004. A man at a crafts store in Starkville gave me lessons whenever I wanted them and whenever I showed up on Saturdays. Over the course of perhaps a year, I painted probably 12-15 oil paintings with him and on my own. Not that many, but I definitely had a talent for picking up the techniques pretty quickly. Well, I started teaching and stopped going. I painted a few more oil paintings and got busy with life and stopped painting all together. In the past two years, I’ve picked up acrylic painting and done a few of those here and there. I don’t really enjoy acrylic painting, though. I find that I don’t have the patience for this layer to dry before putting on the next layer and the next. Also, acrylic doesn’t blend easily like oil does. I can just create so many more cool effects with oil. So for the past few years, I’ve been wanting to get back into it.

When I found out that I had an outlet to sell my artwork, I pushed away my fears that I’d “lost it” (my gift, that is, not my mind!). I painted this painting a few weeks ago, the first one I’ve done since getting back to it. Pretty decent for not doing any for about 5 years.

Tonight, I did my second painting since I’ve begun oil painting again. Thought I would post the process to show you how it looks as the process goes along.

Sorry that the quality of the photos isn’t great.  My camera doesn’t take great pics and takes even worse ones if I turn the flash off. The last one is a close up of the wave itself. It isn’t perfect, but I’m never 100% happy with my paintings *lol* Oh well. That’s just my personality, I guess. I am still very happy with how it turned out today. I think I am back to a good start.


sweet freedom! November 18, 2011

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yesssssssssss! i have been set free for a whole nine days! oh yeah! i am so excited to be off work for a little while. i was getting pretty irritable and just exhausted. i need this break in a BAD way :) so i already have a list a mile long of things i *want* to do (read: not things i *have* to do!). no stress – just excitement! i plan on getting my tree up in the next few days. i have got to do some major vacuuming first, which i am really happy to finally have some sweet sweet free time to do! i mean, i can’t even convey in exclamation points the amount of excitement i feel right now to just be free for working for a little while. i know working is good for you, but i secretly think i was meant to be a homemaker. too bad we don’t have the ability to live off only jamie’s salary. i think i’d quit in a hot second. i just have so many hobbies that would make me so happy to pursue with fervor and an unlimited amount of free time. yet, i do have that annoying little shopping addiction that definitely wouldn’t be pacified anymore.

speaking of shopping, i have been doing a lot of it this year with jamie gone, so i plan on doing some review posts of some more products i’ve tried lately, so stay tuned for that. better yet, sign up to get email notifications! ;o) now, back to watch my movie in my pj’s! enjoy the thankgiving holiday and watch out for the meanies if you go out on black friday!


Just a little update November 13, 2011

It’s hard to believe how little I’ve blogged here lately. The weeks have been passing by so quickly. In a way, that’s great, because that gets me closer to Jamie’s demobilization. But I’ve made myself so busy that I feel like life is passing me by sometimes. I haven’t run in about 2 weeks. I haven’t had time. I want to do so many hobby things (paint, play my violin, write, watch movies), but I just can’t seem to find the time. As I sit here typing, my mind keeps wandering to the comfort of my welcoming bed. I’ve made myself too busy, I guess. I kind of hope that my EMCC Spring night class doesn’t make. Although the money would be nice for our addition on our house and maybe for baby stuff if we get pregnant when Jamie comes home, rest and relaxation would be nice, also. I am definitely not agreeing to summer classes!

The Yellow Ribbon event will be in Natchez in March this year, so Jamie and I are looking at plantations and B&B’s to see where we need to reserve. There are some really nice places to stay, and I know we’ll have a great time antiquing while down there. Although I really don’t look forward to sitting in Army meetings, it will be a nice little weekend getaway for us.

We had planned on going somewhere when I got in, maybe within the first month of him being home. I had researched cruises and tried to find us something low on the map (that’d be warm enough for snorkeling in the winter/early spring). I had found some that were very reasonably priced, but I have pretty much talked myself out of it. I’d have to ask off work from EMCC to two days, and when you have an intensive class that meets for 2 ½ hours a night, that’s like missing four days instead of two.  I don’t know if we’ll end up going somewhere then or just waiting  until summertime or later. We’ll see. I’m just so ready for something fun and new. I’m sick of looking at these walls all the time and hearing about everyone else’s adventures. If nothing else, maybe he and I can go somewhere over my Spring Break for a few days, maybe to Orlando or Antonio.


Diary of a Mad Fat Woman: The BIG Picture: What an MRI Can Tell Us About Obesity.

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Diary of a Mad Fat Woman: The BIG Picture: What an MRI Can Tell Us About Obesity..

I came across this picture of the comparison MRI scans of an average weight woman and an obese woman  on facebook and was startled by the difference. Someone luckily left a link to the blog post above by a lady whose husband works in radiology and was able to break down in layman’s terms what can be seen and surmised from this image. Very interesting blog. Check it out. If this doesn’t motivate you to try to shrink your waist line, I guess nothing probably will. Yikes!