Sweet Silver Lining

just watching the clouds…

October is Over October 31, 2011

wow, it is hard to believe that tomorrow brings November and one more month closer to Jamie’s return home from deployment! YAY! right about now, i’d usually be beginning to panic about getting my Christmas shopping done, but i’ve already got most of it done :) woot, woot! i am trying to be less of a procrastinator these days. it’s one of my biggest personality faults, so i’m working on it.

what are you doing tonight for halloween? i am staying in, popping some popcorn, and watching a good scary movie. i wonder if i’ll have any trick or treaters this year. i have a big bowl of some good candy waiting. i finally made it out to the May’s Corn Maze a few weekends ago with my mom. we bought some pumpkins, ate a hamburger, and loaded up on the hay ride down to the maze. we got through it pretty quickly. the maze was cut out as the shape of mississippi, and there were road signs for cities and major highways so you’d know which part of the state you were in. the moon was so bright we only needed our flashlights when someone would come around a corner and shine theirs in our face, messing up our night-vision. it was so much fun. we giggled so much, especially when we’d hit a dead-end or wind up in alabama. *lol* after the hay ride back to the barn, we ate s’mores around a roaring fire. the next day, my mom and i traveled to montogmery, alabama, to see Dracula at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. it was such an AWESOME production! it far exceeded my expectations. it was so worth the ticket price and 4 hour drive over. this has definitely been one of the most fun october’s i’ve had in a long time.


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