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We Invest in What We Value September 24, 2011

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The above is a video made by another Beachbody Coach (Christine Dwyer) about Shakeology, and she made some really good points that I thought were worth sharing. We really do invest in what we value, whether it be a certain brand of jeans, a certain brand of cereal, or a certain brand of makeup. We will pay more for what we feel is worth more. I know almost NO ONE who buys generic mayo. Why? Because it’s not the best. We want what we know tastes good. Yes, Shakeology is pricey, but you have to ask yourself is trying it worth the money? No, scratch that.  What you have to ask yourself is if you try it, is it worth the money each month you’ll spend to keep it going because you’ll love the results and how you feel. See, Beachbody offers an “empty bag” guarantee, meaning that you can take a full month’s supply at their expense if you don’t love it by the end of your first month. That’s a pretty great guarantee. I sure don’t know any diet pills/drinks or even “health food” frozen dinners and such that would match that same guarantee. So there is no monetary risk in *trying* it. Getting hooked on it because it’s a good product is another story! :o) So you replace your latte and cinnamon roll or bagel with it each morning (for the same amount of money and way fewer calories) or your high-calorie and high-fat lunch or tasteless, high-sodium frozen dinner and whatever you snack on immediately after lunch because you’re still hungry (for the same amount of money and probably fewer calories) with a filling Shakeology shake that gives you energy, helps you lose weight, puts back vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and probiotics into your system, and makes you so much healthier. Then, the money you pay for Shakeology doesn’t seem so frivolous. I was easily spending $100 a month on Lean Cuisines, Smart Ones, cafeteria salads, salad dressing, little yogurts and puddings, and whatever else I was eating along side those frozen dinners or salads that didn’t fill me up alone.

I am loving the results I am getting with Shakeology, and in fact, I just emailed Beachbody yesterday about changing my monthly supply to the Chocolate Shakeology, because I like the taste of it so much and because it fills me up so well. I am excited about trying it for another month. I’m not under an obligation to try it for any certain amount of time, so I’ll cancel it if I’m not totally satisfied. But as of right now, I am satisfied with what it’s doing for me. If you’d like to give it a try, send me a message by going to the Team Beachbody tab at the top, or you can leave your email in a message on this post, and I’ll get back to you about it. I plan on going into the holidays feeling good about my weight and being healthy. There will be no guilt about casseroles and ham and pie at get-togethers for me this year!


2 Responses to “We Invest in What We Value”

  1. Hi – came across this post on a “health” search. I have heard many good things about this Shakeology – but am hesitant to try. In the past when I have tried protien shakes, I have wanted to munch on something afterwards because I didn’t feel full enough. Does that happen to you? Is it milk based? I’d love to learn more – MMThompson12@hotmail.com

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