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Patriot Day: September 11, Ten Years Later September 11, 2011

In memory of 9-11-01, I thought I’d blog about that day today. I thankfully live very far away from New York, the Pentagon, and Pennsylvania, but all Americans were affected by the terror from a decade ago. For days, people have been asking what everyone was doing that morning when they heard the news, and everyone remembers. I had gone to an early Physical Science lab at MSU that morning. As we were working in groups on some experiment or another, students began talking about hearing the crash of the World Trade Center. Being ignorant of what that was, my friend Nicki and I assumed that the stock market had crashed. It was terrible, but we really didn’t understand why students were getting so upset about it. At 20, did they already have 401K’s? We were Americans. We survived one stock market crash, so we could make it through another. When I went back to my car to leave campus and turned the radio on, I hear the reports coming in, and the truth hit me, a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. My fiance, who was in the military, was in Arkansas at a military training school. I remember being so frightened that they might send him to New York and that our country was about to go to war on our own soil. The thought of that terrified me. I went home in a daze and don’t think I even went back to school that week. I just remember watching days and days of news coverage with sadness, helplessness, and anger welling up inside me.

America came together and has held her own, retaliating as needed and seeking out justice in foreign lands. We have brought down major leaders of terror and brought hope to nations that previously had none. People are holding elections where tyrants once ruled and forming village-level governance; school enrollment has increased and little girls are going to school where once it was prohibited. There were positive changes here, as well. Americans became fiercely patriotic where once many were lukewarm, we created Homeland Security to further protect our country, and goodness and compassion flowed forth from what seemed like a pretty selfish society. Those things we can be thankful for and appreciate as positive things that came out of 9-11.

My heart goes out to those who were affected that day from losing loved ones and for those who have lost loved ones since that day as the American military pursues its missions overseas. I pray that God shields our soldiers, seamen, and airmen with His protective hand so they may do His good work. I appreciate the sacrifice of all who served, including all the paramedics, firefighters, national guard, police officers, and good Samaritans who tried getting people out of buildings or who acted so courageously on those planes that day. The terror attacks on 9-11-01 are wounds that are beginning to heal but still ache from time to time. And that’s okay, because it helps us remember those who perished and helps us appreciate our loved ones and those who have servants’ hearts.


2 Responses to “Patriot Day: September 11, Ten Years Later”

  1. Bill Says:

    Our daughter had been interning at the White House and at the Pentagon. The news hit home like a ton of bricks on my chest. I watched the television with a numb stare….not yet certain where my daughter was. As sorrow filled my heart, the Lord reminded me that He is still on the throne, that life is precious because He holds us in the palm of His hand, that worry can not change a single thing.

    Our country did pull together during that time, but also caused us to look with a suspicious eye at our neighbor(s) who did not look like us….or attend the same school or church….or come from the same country. American flags were displayed everywhere and folks flew them with pride.

    Our daughter called to inform us that she was safe. Relief mixed with feelings of confusion, sorrow, fear, helplessness.

    Ten years have helped to change my view of that day. In some respects, it seems like it was a movie or a dream. I guess that time does heal. This world needs Jesus more today than ever. Tragedy should not be the only time that we run to Him….the real tragedy is when we don’t run to Him.

    I wish you the very best. Thanks for your wonderful blog….Bill

    • dragonfly180 Says:

      so glad to hear that your daughter survived that attack. our preacher talked about something similar to that. he mentioned that the churches were filled after 9/11…for about two weeks. it’s awesome that it brought people to God, but so many have since backslid, which is unfortunate. i hope it doesn’t take another such tragedy to bring them back to Him.

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