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Shakeology Week 1 September 9, 2011

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Shakeology Day 5

Well, apparently the 7:30 cup of coffee last night was not a good idea. It was my fault that I didn’t lay down until 11, but I tossed and turned until sometime after 11:30. I had chocolate Shakeology this morning. I was really tired throughout the day. I even came home and took a 30 minute nap before going to teach my night class. I never felt really hungry past lunch and actually find myself having a hard time finishing whatever I’ve made. For instance, I made a pb&j sandwich before I headed out to my class, and half way through eating it, I just didn’t want the rest. And I love pb&j!

Shakeology Day 6

Still didn’t get into bed until 11. Arghhh! Maybe it’s not possible for me. Anyway, after hitting snooze twice, I got up and weighed myself this morning just to see, and the scale says I’ve lost 3 lbs. That’s definitely a positive, because it hasn’t been budging at all in the past month (well, other than a strange loss of 8 lbs that came right back in a few days – i’m tellin’ ya, scales are wacko!), and I know it’s due to my nutrition (or lack there of lately!), because I get in quite a bit of exercise each week. Truthfully, I don’t think scales are very reliable at times, so we’ll see if any change in measurements takes place over the next few weeks, as well, and I’ll keep tracking my weight to see if the 3 lb loss was a fluke or is actually sticking. I could tell a definite change in appetite today. My Greenberry Shakeology filled me up (and it helped that I added another half cup of unsweetened milk to the 1 ½ cups I was using, and it only added 17 calories!), and although I ate all of my salad at lunch, I wasn’t wolfing it down like I usually am. I also wasn’t hungry at break time (1:45), so I saved those calories for a snack when I got home.

Now that I’m coming up on the end of my first week of my Shakeology experiment, I am going to start blogging about it only weekly to update everyone on how it’s going. I am feeling a little more positive about using it. Actually seeing benefits a week in really helps, but I also know that it’s just a wonderfully nutritious drink. Sure beats some of the food I would have been digesting instead.

If you want to give Shakeology a try yourself, send me your contact info/questions by clicking on the ‘Team Beachbody’ tab above right, and I’ll send you my Shakeology website link or answer any questions you have. WordPress won’t allow me to put any business-type links on my blog.


2 Responses to “Shakeology Week 1”

  1. Hello! I am still learning about Shake – as a new BB coach… wondering if you could give and update on what you think of it – are you still using it, etc?

    • dragonfly180 Says:

      i do still like it and use it. in fact, i’ll be having a chocolate shakeology for lunch in just a few hours! :o) i am looking forward to the new flavor (strawberry tropical) coming out in february.

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