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Tips for Labor Day Feasting September 4, 2011

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Americans will use any excuse to have big get-togethers to eat lots of food and socialize. Labor Day is not exception. Here are some tips for making your Labor Day feast a little healthier:

  • drink a bottle of water before eating. it’ll help you feel full quicker.
  • use a smaller plate. you’ll spoon less potato salad or add fewer potato chips to your plate if there is less room. after all, if you’re still *actually* hungry after the smaller plate of food, it isn’t going anywhere. just get something else to eat if you need to.
  • fill up on veggies and healthier sources of protein, such as grilled chicken or turkey, and choose small portions of red meat or mayo-based sides like potato salad or pasta salad.
  • wait 15 or 20 minutes before getting dessert. most likely, you won’t even want it after you start digesting your food. choose fruit desserts over pies, puddings, and cakes. watermelon or fruit salad will save you lots of calories over that big hunk of key lime pie.
  • choose low- or no-calories beverages like water with lemon, flavored water, unsweetened tea with artificial sweetener, etc. no since in blowing calories on liquid when there’s yummy corn on the cob and ribs to be gobbled up!
  • get lots of activity. play with the kids outside, take the dog for a walk instead of catching a nap after lunch, or challenge the family to a game of badminton or frisbee. the more you move, the less damage that cole slaw or banana pudding is going to do to your waistline.



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