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Zumba Training August 20, 2011

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thought i’d do a quick post about my zumba training last weekend. we met up at a dance studio and signed some forms, and by 9 a.m., we were all lined up and starting our Masters Class, which is an intense, one-hour Zumba class held by a Master Instructor, in this case, Marcie Gill of Sen Tao fame (if you’ve seen the Zumba dvds). She is an awesome dancer. we went through a warm up, many songs and lots of moves i’d never done, having never done a Zumba class before, and then a cool down and stretch. After the class was over, we took a little break before she got us back on the floor to cover the merengue and how to add in arms, movement, fitness components, etc. then, we covered the salsa. after our lunch break, we covered cumbia and then raggaeton, which is my favorite style. some of the dances i had a little trouble with, but the workshop was very laid back, and if you messed up, it wasn’t a big deal. i really enjoyed it and wish i could do it again now that i’ve had time to review the dances and practice some more. the great thing about the workshop is that you do get a review of the basic steps and some of the add-ons for each to practice with. unfortunately, all of the steps marcie taught us aren’t on the review dvd. she gave us a handout with the names of the moves, but i don’t remember how to do them all. maybe later on, i’ll take another “refresher” workshop. it really was a fun but tiring day. of the 6 or so hours we were there, i danced for about 4 hours. when i say dance, i mean, we were sweating and pushing really hard. i feel much more prepared to teach now, though.

my first Zumba class will be in a few days at Around the Clock Fitness. i have been choreographing and practicing a lot. i have several songs ready, although i want to add in some more in the coming weeks. teaching Zumba is a lot of work, but it’s so much fun! i plan on doing an extended cool down/stretch for the first few weeks, though, which will take up 10-15 minutes of the time. i am excited about teaching and hope to have at least a few participants to start off with.


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