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Cinnamon Rice Cereal July 8, 2011

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Check out my recipe for Cinnamon Rice Cereal.  It is a very filling and yummy breakfast that I make at least twice a week when I’m in school. I eat it around 7 a.m., and I am satisfied until lunch at 11:30, which means I miss my mid-morning snack and can consume those calories later in the day. That this cereal is that filling is pretty great for less than 250 calories. I’ve played with different ingredients and spices, but this combo tastes the best to me.  The milk makes it a little creamy, but if you don’t have almond milk and don’t want the extra calories from cow’s milk, you could just use only water instead. I put in the description that it makes about a cup, but I think the rice puffs up even more than that and it ends up being more like 1 1/2 to 2 cups of cereal. I like to make it the night before, add a little water in the morning, and heat it up quickly before going out the door. Try it out and let me know what you think!


One Response to “Cinnamon Rice Cereal”

  1. Risa Says:

    Looks yummy! I LOVE brown rice and can’t wait to try it. I just got my tooth extracted yesterday, so I can’t have solid food for a couple of days, but I will definitely try it out as soon as I can!!! Thanks, Cyr!


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