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Summer is Coming to an End July 21, 2011

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I can’t believe July has passed by so quickly! I remember wanting to blog about going to the Mississippi Braves game with my parents on Independence Day, and I just realized how long ago that was now. It is amazing how swiftly the days pass. I spent the majority of my summer looking into changing my career, applying for positions, and weighing my options, but nothing came of that. Last spring, I felt really convicted that teaching wasn’t where I needed to be, but no other opportunities opened up for me. It’s been really bothering me that I’m going back to teaching in a couple of weeks, so much so that I’ve been suffering from anxiety and insomnia, but this morning, I woke up with a sense of peace about it, feeling like even though I’m not happy teaching anymore, this is where I need to be for the moment. God has me where He wants me. So my days of stress-free summer leisure are coming to an end. I just pray that if God wants me there this year, He will give me strength and comfort through the parts of teaching that are so difficult and frustrating.

My husband is coming home for his R&R leave in a few days. I am so excited to see him. I made up a ‘welcome home’ sign that I’m going to put at the road, and someone at the church also changed the sign outside to welcome him home. He is going to be really touched by that. We have been so blessed to have such a loving, supportive, and helpful church family through this deployment.

I was worried about having to go back to work his second week here, but I just got an email from my principal excusing me from the teacher-work-days (basically the whole first week) and open house! Jamie will be excited to hear that. I may have to go in for one workshop for the National Standards we’re having to adopt, but that’ll only be a few hours. I am going to go in tomorrow and get my room ready so I won’t have to take any time away from him to do that. He said in a message last night that he is having flight issues, but he still hopes to be here on time. I am so ready for him to get here.


Cinnamon Rice Cereal July 8, 2011

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Check out my recipe for Cinnamon Rice Cereal.  It is a very filling and yummy breakfast that I make at least twice a week when I’m in school. I eat it around 7 a.m., and I am satisfied until lunch at 11:30, which means I miss my mid-morning snack and can consume those calories later in the day. That this cereal is that filling is pretty great for less than 250 calories. I’ve played with different ingredients and spices, but this combo tastes the best to me.  The milk makes it a little creamy, but if you don’t have almond milk and don’t want the extra calories from cow’s milk, you could just use only water instead. I put in the description that it makes about a cup, but I think the rice puffs up even more than that and it ends up being more like 1 1/2 to 2 cups of cereal. I like to make it the night before, add a little water in the morning, and heat it up quickly before going out the door. Try it out and let me know what you think!


Babies July 6, 2011

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With all our friends having babies here lately, Jamie and I have definitely had babies on our mind. We’ve been putting off having a family for a while because we wanted a nice, spacious house and to be settled and doing well financially,  and I wanted him to be closer to retiring from the military before having any little ones. After spending a few hours with a couple of my nieces this past weekend at the Collins Family Reunion, I am really conflicted about whether I want to have girls or boys if I get pregnant. I was sure having a little boy would be the best. Other than breaking bones or partying too much with friends as teenagers, they don’t get into near the trouble that girls can. I was a wild child in my teen years and know all too well the precarious situations I put myself into over and over again. I was one of the more level-headed ones, too! I honestly was very lucky, because I could have ruined my life in several different ways had things gone just a little differently in some of those situations. So the idea of having a girl terrifies me. But my nieces Kira and Emily were so adorable and well-mannered little girls. It may be odd for an adult to say, but hanging out with those little girls actually made the family reunion more enjoyable for me. It’s so much easier to talk to children, I think. I could definitely see having a little girl now, even though I know I’d worry over her 10 times as much as I would a little boy. Of course, it’s God’s decision to decide what I’d have if I got pregnant. I think that either would be great. Of course, I’ve always said I’d rather have twins and just have a big family all at once (and one less pregnancy to go through!), so maybe I could have one of each! :o)