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Documentaries June 21, 2011

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i watched this crazy movie the other night called “Catfish.” it caught my eye first because that’s my oldest brother’s nickname but also because i find some documentaries to be pretty interesting. 20 minutes in, and i could not turn the channel. it’s about this guy who befriends this family on facebook, and the youngest daughter is supposedly this awesome painter, so he starts buying her paintings and conversing with the family. it takes a sharp turn into an analysis about what we know about the people we associate with. the way i’m describing it doesn’t make it seem very interesting, i know *lol* but i’d give away the basis of the documentary if i give you any more details and delve into why it was so interesting. i think documentaries are an underrated form of entertainment. it’s like reality t.v. without all the cheesiness and hidden plot writing. if you haven’t seen “catfish,” check it out and tell me what you think. i can’t seem to get this movie out of my head! :oD

what’s your favorite documentary?


One Response to “Documentaries”

  1. I think I enjoyed “Religulous” with Bill Mahr pretty much….but not sure it’s my favorite.
    I thought it was funny the way he put it all together…
    check it out:

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