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Summer Cabin Fever June 7, 2011

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I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted a blog entry. May went by in a flash as it always does. And here is June, the month I’ve been waiting so long for. Hello, sweet June and an absence of disrespectful, moody teenagers! I have spent my days playing on the computer, soaking up the sun, watching movies, cooking, writing, playing instruments, and reading.

And yet, something doesn’t feel quite right. Without Jamie here, the house seems too quiet. I blast the t.v. or Itunes at odd times just to break the silence. I have no one to get up for, so I sleep too long in the mornings or take a nap at any slight yawn. What should be days of adventure and fun are turning into sleep fests that pass by with the shut of my eye. Only a little over a week into summer, and I’m getting cranky and restless. Maybe this is why my father won’t take up retirement…No one to hang out with, no place to go, nothing to look forward to. Now I get it, Dad.


One Response to “Summer Cabin Fever”

  1. So good to hear an update from you, girl! I was wondering how you were doing.

    So glad you are enjoying your time off but i’m sorry things are a little too quiet. ::hugs::

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