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Easter April 25, 2011

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when i was little, the whole family would go over to my grandmaw’s house for Easter. if i didn’t get to see my cousins all year, i knew they’d be there on easter. she’d have her entire table covered in dishes of homemade food. it was all so good, and then we’d sit around stuffed or go outside to play some of our meal off. she died several years ago, and since my immediate family doesn’t have any children, we don’t do anything for Easter. this year, i had planned to do a big meal like my grandmaw used to, but with jamie gone, i just wasn’t in the mood. luckily, my cousins from germany came to visit, and i invited them and their little 2 year old son to stay over the weekend. i didn’t do a big meal, but we did have a yummy chicken taco soup and cheese cake pie with pineapple. we hid plastic eggs with candy and money inside for Lenny, because he’s never done an Easter egg hunt before. he had a ball finding the eggs as we tried to tell him in English where they were and his parents translated. we came inside and he wanted to open each egg (there were over 30 of them!), and he would exclaim, “Auf!” which means open, when his little hands couldn’t hope them. he learned when he saw quarters or dollars to say, “Money!” it was really cute. i think i learned more German words this weekend than he learned English words. it was nice to have them and my parents over.

the next day, we headed over to the Cotton District Arts Festival, and I ran the Old Cotton Mill 5K. it was awesome weather for a race, and i came in at a decent time considering that i have barely run any this month because work has been so busy. after looking around for a while, we ate lunch at Grumpy’s and headed to Tupelo to do some shopping. my cousins love going to the mall while they’re here. my favorite part of the day was playing with Lenny in Barnes and Noble. we played hide and seek with my mom and his papa. and if i got tired and stopped hiding, Lenny would run away from me for about 15 feet, turn around as though i’d just found him, and come squealing to me to tickle and hug him. he is a definite heart-stealer! i will miss him until next year.

i concluded my Easter weekend by going to sunrise service at Tomnolen Baptist. i missed Jamie not being beside me, but i still enjoyed the service. we had a big, delicious breakfast in the activity building afterward, and i went home and slept for several more hours. the weekend had worn me out but in a very good way :o)


3 Responses to “Easter”

  1. What a cutie! I’m glad you had family to spend Easter with.

  2. Katrina Says:

    Lenny is a cutie! I love to watch the smaller children find eggs. They are always so sweet! So glad you got to visit with them. Love ya!

  3. Bill (allbw2u on SP) Says:

    He is a cutie!! It seems like just yesterday that my wife and I would host an Easter egg hunt in our back yard. We have about an acre of lawn and it would be filled with about 5000 or so eggs. Eggs in the trees, in the bushes, on the lawn. Eggs everywhere!! Our Children’s Church class would come for the hunt….with our daughters, of course. So there would be 25-35 kids running around screaming with excitement!! The kids were thrilled, the parents enjoyed it…..and we had a blast. I would sometimes find an egg or two while mowing the lawn…..well into July. :-) Our daughters are now grown (23 and 20), but those days seem like just yesterday. It reminds me that our time here is short, but we serve a mighty God who still cares for His children….even in the simple pleasures of an Easter egg hunt. It is cool to look around now and see so many of those kids as adults….and see them serving the Lord. Very cool.

    I am glad that I am His.

    Hope you have a wonderful week. Best wishes always….Bill

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