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busy spring break March 17, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — dragonfly180 @ 7:47 pm

wow! a whole week without blogging. it feels like it’s been forever, too! *lol* i have been so busy over my spring break vacation this year. it’s really my own fault, because i have so much going on right now. i started taking violin lessons in january, so i practice for that pretty often. thankfully, my teacher wanted off this week, so my practices have been more relaxed during my spring break. i also got in my textbook and study materials for the AFAA group fitness certification test that i plan to take in May. it’s about 500 pages long and comes with a study guide, so that keeps me busy at night, too. this year, i am directing two plays for my drama students. i am still working on writing the script for one of them, so that must be finished before monday! ahhhh! just thinking about it makes me feel guilty for blogging instead of working! :o( i have also started up a fitness class at my church, so coming up with routines, practicing them, and then teaching them takes several hours each week. i love it, though, so i’m not complaining! and anyway, i’d be working out regardless, so this is time well spent in my book. i love seeing people make healthy choices with their lives. i have also been making time for fun. this past weekend, i helped my best friend’s mom throw her a baby shower. then monday, my bff, my mom, and i went shopping in columbus. i laid out in beautiful 80 degree sunshine today and lazed around the house. today definitely made me miss the slow pace and relaxation of summer. tomorrow, my mom and i are going to tour william faulkner’s home in oxford and do a little shopping. then saturday, i’m running my first 5K of the spring and then spending some time with my girls doing dinner and a movie. before i know it, spring break will be over, and it’ll be 10 more intense weeks of school left. i hope they go by very quickly. i’m pretty sure they will. then the lazy days of summer will be here again. :o)


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