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Trying Out Bodyrock March 4, 2011

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So after a little nudge from a friend, I tried out my first Bodyrock workout last night. I did the On the Floor Abs Challenge. The goal was to do as many sets of 20 mountain climbers and 20 toe touch crunches as possible in 10 minutes. It was intense, but it wasn’t so hard that I couldn’t do it. I ended up doing 160 mountain climbers and 160 toe touches (8 sets of each exercise) in the 10 minutes, not bad for my first try. I was already a little sore from Chalean Extreme this week, so I’m a good bit more sore today. It was actually really fun. I love trying new things, so I think I’ll like doing these Bodyrock workouts.

Someone on sparkpeople.com asked me what Bodyrock really was – cardio, bodyweight ST, what??? I really didn’t know what to tell them other than that it is some ridiculously intense HIIT (high intensity interval training) with ST moves, from what I could tell, so I roamed the site, and this is Freddy and Zuzana’s explanation of what Bodyrock is: How to Start Working Out with us at Home

Whatever you want to call it, if it can make me half as fit as that gal, I’m in! :o) I ordered a Gymboss Interval Timer, and as soon as it comes in, I’ll be all set to do some of the HIIT workouts that involve numerous intervals. No way I can keep up with it by my watch. I figure I can also use the interval timer in some of my running workouts that focus on intervals of intense and moderate to easy effort. And I feel like the intensity of the Bodyrock workouts will surely make me a stronger runner.


3 Responses to “Trying Out Bodyrock”

  1. I never heard of that before but it sounds awesome. I love how adventurous you are!

  2. thefreshpost Says:

    I joined bodyrocking aswell 6 weeks ago and YES it works, if been to several Gyms no good results came out of that, i dance ballet for 1 year now, which is fun and gave some muscles but no fatloss. HIIT- 6 weeks- 3,5 kg GONE :), so im keep on going BUT it’s really hard work and you have to combine good nutrition, exercise & adjust your mind set. I will post my progress & dietplan soon!
    @dragonfly are you still bodyrocking?

    the fresh post

    • dragonfly180 Says:

      glad you’re seeing progress! i have been using bodyrock not as a primary workout program but as supplemental to what i was already doing. i am doing chalene johnson’s turbofire right now, which already incorporates a lot of HIIT, so i haven’t needed to bodyrock as often. i still like to go back to it for a fun challenge and change of pace sometimes.

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