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Music for Your Pace March 25, 2011

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Finding upbeat music for your workouts can be difficult sometimes. I’ve recently started teaching a  fitness class which I call Body Blast, and I spent a while coming up with a decent playlist for it to keep the participants motivated. As a runner, I know the benefit of having upbeat music while training or even during a hard race. Jog.fm is a site devoted to letting you know how many beats per minute a song is and gives you lists of songs according to pace. So for instance, say your goal is to run a 10 min mile in training. You plug that in and it gives you songs you can listen to that should help keep your running cadence that fast. If you don’t think you’ll run to the music’s beat, I challenge you to put a good song with a particular beat on and hop on a treadmill. For me, I run right with the beat. Jamie used to sit out in our workshop while I ran when our treadmill was out there, and it was so evident that I was running with the beat that he noticed and even commented on it one night. So this website could be really useful for someone trying to increase their pace or even for the fitness instructor or exerciser who just wants some playlists with a certain beat speed.

Here’s the website: Jog.fm


busy spring break March 17, 2011

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wow! a whole week without blogging. it feels like it’s been forever, too! *lol* i have been so busy over my spring break vacation this year. it’s really my own fault, because i have so much going on right now. i started taking violin lessons in january, so i practice for that pretty often. thankfully, my teacher wanted off this week, so my practices have been more relaxed during my spring break. i also got in my textbook and study materials for the AFAA group fitness certification test that i plan to take in May. it’s about 500 pages long and comes with a study guide, so that keeps me busy at night, too. this year, i am directing two plays for my drama students. i am still working on writing the script for one of them, so that must be finished before monday! ahhhh! just thinking about it makes me feel guilty for blogging instead of working! :o( i have also started up a fitness class at my church, so coming up with routines, practicing them, and then teaching them takes several hours each week. i love it, though, so i’m not complaining! and anyway, i’d be working out regardless, so this is time well spent in my book. i love seeing people make healthy choices with their lives. i have also been making time for fun. this past weekend, i helped my best friend’s mom throw her a baby shower. then monday, my bff, my mom, and i went shopping in columbus. i laid out in beautiful 80 degree sunshine today and lazed around the house. today definitely made me miss the slow pace and relaxation of summer. tomorrow, my mom and i are going to tour william faulkner’s home in oxford and do a little shopping. then saturday, i’m running my first 5K of the spring and then spending some time with my girls doing dinner and a movie. before i know it, spring break will be over, and it’ll be 10 more intense weeks of school left. i hope they go by very quickly. i’m pretty sure they will. then the lazy days of summer will be here again. :o)


Running Collage March 5, 2011

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Last semester I taught Creative Writing to a small class of high school students. One assignment that we did was the “headline poem,” which is where you cut out interesting headlines from newspapers, magazine articles, ads, etc., and manipulate the words to make a poem about whatever topic you choose. This is a really easy way to create poetry, but for some reason, my Creative Writing classes in the past have had a hard time with this, especially getting started on it. So this past fall, I made my own headline poem and created a collage out of it to have as a nice, complete example for them. Now it sits in my spare bedroom beside my treadmill as a bit of motivation if I need it. It reads:

“Why I Love to Run”


This is my happy hour,

Place of peace.

Breathe in, exhale.

Feel the burn?

Got cramps?

Feel free to sing, wild thing.

Ponytails, crossroads, sunshine,

Sights and sounds of summer.

Bring on the cold.

Grab life on every corner,

Never fade.

It’s all inside,

Eyes on the prize,

Beating my own expectations.

My secret, I sweat like a pig.

I’m a runner.

Ta-da! Wonder found.

What are you hungry for?

A truly natural progression.

If you think there’s a problem,

Turning point, running.

Be ready for anything.

Lose weight,

Chew on this S-L-O-W-L-Y.

Chip away the pounds,

Change a life,

Your life.

Love your heart. (Use it daily.)

Extraordinary love.

Bring home something truly priceless.

Celebrate smart choices!

The best new you has never looked better,

A sexy glow the old-fashioned way.

Recharged mind and body.

Live the life.

author: Cyrena Shows


Trying Out Bodyrock March 4, 2011

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So after a little nudge from a friend, I tried out my first Bodyrock workout last night. I did the On the Floor Abs Challenge. The goal was to do as many sets of 20 mountain climbers and 20 toe touch crunches as possible in 10 minutes. It was intense, but it wasn’t so hard that I couldn’t do it. I ended up doing 160 mountain climbers and 160 toe touches (8 sets of each exercise) in the 10 minutes, not bad for my first try. I was already a little sore from Chalean Extreme this week, so I’m a good bit more sore today. It was actually really fun. I love trying new things, so I think I’ll like doing these Bodyrock workouts.

Someone on sparkpeople.com asked me what Bodyrock really was – cardio, bodyweight ST, what??? I really didn’t know what to tell them other than that it is some ridiculously intense HIIT (high intensity interval training) with ST moves, from what I could tell, so I roamed the site, and this is Freddy and Zuzana’s explanation of what Bodyrock is: How to Start Working Out with us at Home

Whatever you want to call it, if it can make me half as fit as that gal, I’m in! :o) I ordered a Gymboss Interval Timer, and as soon as it comes in, I’ll be all set to do some of the HIIT workouts that involve numerous intervals. No way I can keep up with it by my watch. I figure I can also use the interval timer in some of my running workouts that focus on intervals of intense and moderate to easy effort. And I feel like the intensity of the Bodyrock workouts will surely make me a stronger runner.


BODYROCK.tv | Fitness Advice, Workout Videos, Health & Fitness | Bodyrock.tv March 2, 2011

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BODYROCK.tv | Fitness Advice, Workout Videos, Health & Fitness | Bodyrock.tv.


The above link is from one of my favorite fitness websites. Zuzana and her husband, Freddy, started making home videos of workouts to do at the house to show everyone that you can get fit at home just as well as you can going to a gym and using lots of equipment. And fit this girl is. If I feel like I don’t want to work out on any given day, all I have to do is mosey on over to the site to see what new has been posted. Just seeing how fit this girl is makes me want to work out hard. It’s great motivation. I doubt I will ever be this fit (I love eating pizza and sweets occasionally, and I think this girl just has superior genes! haha!). But her workouts are very tough, so maybe I need to start doing them sometime. :o) For now, though, I’m still doing Chalean Extreme (i love it!!!), running, and other various cardio exercises. Bikini season is less than three months away now!