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The Google Art Project February 28, 2011

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Ever wondered what it would be like to walk through the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City or the Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin? If you live in Podunk, Mississippi, or Backwoods, South Dakota, you probably figure you never will experience those museums filled with art from so many masters from over the centuries.


Google has created the Art Project, which is an interactive, online collection of some of the greatest art in the world. You can take a virtual tour through the Met or you can zoom in on Van Gogh’s “Starry Nights” to see details you wouldn’t even be able to see if you were lucky enough to stand in its presence in the actual museum. There is even a feature which lets you choose the pieces you most like to make your own personal “collection” that you can view and share with others. All you have to do now is click on the link below, kick off your shoes, sit back, and view the best art as it appears before your eyes.


Art Project, powered by Google.


One Response to “The Google Art Project”

  1. Bill (allbw2u...SP) Says:

    Thanks for sharing the link with all of us. My wife is a deaf interpreter in an elementary school…..and was excited to see the art on display. I have a feeling that it will soon be used in their classroom(s). :-)

    Best wishes always….Bill

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