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V Day February 13, 2011

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Feeling a tad jealous this weekend as several of the army wives are either traveling to Ft. Lewis to see their husbands while they are on pass or who are impatiently awaiting flights coming in with their loved ones on them. Jamie is staying in Washington, and I am staying in Mississippi. We decided that this is the best decision for us for two reasons. First, we’ve already had the difficult goodbye and really don’t want to put ourselves through that again. Second, that $1000+ can be better used when he gets home. I’d rather take a trip somewhere together when he gets back and not have to end it in tears and a sick heart. I miss him and wish I could spend Valentine’s day with my husband, but we’ll have many more that we can make special.

He is out eating at a steakhouse with a couple of the other soldiers who decided to stay there. I’m really glad that he is able to get away from the barracks for a little while and enjoy himself. He went shopping at the mall and Wal-Mart today, too. We who are free to come and go as we please sometimes take for granted little things like a trip to Wal-Mart or eating a good supper with friends. Even if he can’t be home, I’m glad Jamie gets several days to relax and get away from being a soldier before going overseas.

After church, my mom came over, and we made lasagna and ate. My dad was supposed to come, but he has come down with a bad cold. My mom brought me two huge bouquets of flowers for Valentine’s day. They are so pretty and smell so good. We had a raspberry Jello pie for dessert and just enjoyed each others’ company. She and I went hiking at Little Mountain yesterday, and she couldn’t stop talking about what a pleasant day it was yesterday and how nice it was to get out and spend time together. I need to remember to make more time for her and Daddy.


2 Responses to “V Day”

  1. Bill (allbw2u) Says:

    I am sorry that you will be separated (by distance) from your hubby on Valentine’s Day, but I am glad to hear that each of you will be with others to help ease the pain of being away from each other. I hope that you get in some phone calls or Skype messages with Jamie between now and when he deploys. And, yes, find some way to spend additional time with your Mom and Dad. All three of you will benefit from it!!

    A “hundred years ago” I was stationed at Ft. Lewis…actually a couple of times I was there. It is not that great of a place. It is 250 or so miles from our house. We serve a mighty God who can protect Jamie and you. Whether here in WA state….or Mississippi….or any place in the world. He is still on the throne!

    I will keep you and your family in my daily prayers.

    Best wishes always….Bill

  2. Aw, I’m glad you got to spend the day with family. ::hugs::

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