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Snow Days February 9, 2011

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Snow days are so much fun. I really do love them. Why? Snow days force me to relax. On the weekends, I try to relax, but I always seem to fill up my weekends with plans, shopping, grading, bill writing, and church activities, and relaxation goes out the window. On a snow day when the roads are too treacherous to venture out, I’m forced to take it easy and just enjoy the day in the comfort and peace of my home. I took two “snow days” earlier this week, because I just felt like I needed some time off. I went back to work today, and before I could get out of my vehicle, another teacher had come over to inform me that we were getting out for a 60% day (12:15) for snow. Sure enough, it snowed all afternoon and evening, and school has been canceled tomorrow for a real snow day. It’s still coming down out there. The snow is so sparkly and quiet, a peaceful scene that I could enjoy more if it weren’t so cold outside! Yet I do see the beauty in it and can enjoy it just as it is. So now I get at least one more snow day this week. I plan on enjoying my day off instead of grumbling about the cold weather or make-up school days. I’m trying to ignore the mad parents who resent the schools for not babysitting their kids tomorrow in an effort to protect them from bus wrecks on icy roads and bridges. I’m overlooking those who can’t seem to ever be content with life as it is. It sometimes amazes me how some people refuse to see the blessings of the simpler things in life. I can. I’ll enjoy the silent snow falling outside. I’ll find happiness in playing in it tomorrow and maybe taking a leisurely hike through the woods. I’ll be content to relax at home by my warm fire and let work and the frenzy of daily life wait until another day.


One Response to “Snow Days”

  1. Bill Says:


    The Lord gives us His strength to face each day. But it is so cool when He gives us those quiet days to reflect on His creation, to gaze upon the beauty that He has so carefully made and placed for us to view. Those times build our hope, our faith, our strength, our trust in Him. And it does not happen by accident.

    I am so glad that His plan works….and that we have been included in it.

    I hope that you enjoy your snow day. What a gift!! :-)

    Best wishes always….Bill (allbw2u)

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