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take a look at the Garmin Connect site January 4, 2011

Here is a link to a 3 mile run I did a few days ago. I thought I’d share this for anyone who might be considering buying a Garmin device. These things are awesome. My hubby got me the Garmin Forerunner 110 with the heart rate monitor, and I love using this gadget! Check out how you can look at your mile splits, different types of maps, how your heart rate changes with the change in elevation and speed, etc. *** Garmin Connect also lets me upload my calorie data from other indoor workouts, such as an elliptical workout or a strength training session since I have the heart rate monitor, which is useful if you’re keeping up with your calorie burn to lose weight.

My Run on Garmin Connect

The data after the run is cool, but I love having it on my wrist during the run to see my distance and to check my average pace for the mile and my heart rate. Having access to this info is going to make training so much easier now. For instance, I now know that my second mile is usually my slowest, so I need to dig deeper during that mile to have a better overall pace.


***Just a little disclaimer about the map data: please do not stalk me on my runs; I take a weapon with me on runs, I have several guns at home, and I’m a Southern girl, so I actually know how to use them. :o) Don’t be a weirdo.


2 Responses to “take a look at the Garmin Connect site”

  1. DressySJP Says:

    Awesome run, good job! I promise I won’t stalk you haha :-)

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog! I’ve been looking into getting the Garmin…thanks for reviewing it!

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