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Christmas 2010 January 4, 2011

It was so nice to spend Christmas in our new house this year.  Last year, we were still painting and trying to get moved during Christmas, so we didn’t get to have Christmas here. We ended up eating at my mama and daddy’s house (we bucked tradition and grilled hamburgers last year – I can’t even tell you how cold that was!). This year, Jamie wanted me to go all out and make our house what we call a “Christmas house,” a house that seems warm and inviting and truly Christmasy, the kind of house you see in magazines or on movies. Well, that is just what I did. It really helped that we bought the mantle earlier this year to go around our fireplace. It really added to the Christmas atmosphere. I love the firescreen Jamie bought us for Christmas. Also, I decided to decorate my tree in traditional colors but with a whimsical flair. It turned out beautifully! I found garland on sale at Lowe’s and found red mesh at Walmart to decorate with. I could tell Jamie was impressed, and that made me so happy! I wanted to give him the best Christmas possible before his deployment.

We usually go to our friends’ house, the Carlisles, and have a pot luck party food supper and some fun near Christmas. This year, the Carlisles had a sweet little newborn girl to take care of and decided not to have their party. Jamie and I had wanted to have a party here this year anyway, so most everyone came over here. I really enjoyed decorating the house a little more and preparing party food. We had a great time. We played a few party games that were pretty fun. We missed a few of our favorite couples, but we added a few others into the mix this year, too. Our dog Jake even stayed in the living room to entertain our guests during most of the party.

Saturday morning, we invited our parents over for the traditional Christmas dinner. When I got up that morning, it was snowing! This is a big deal in Mississippi. I had to trek through the snow to cut pine boughs for our napkins. I loved decorating the table for the meal. We had a great time opening presents, talking, and drinking warm caramel apple cider. I surprised Jamie with a hibachi grill for Christmas, which he really liked. I loved seeing his expression when it finally dawned on him what it actually was. He has been so excited about setting it up and learning to use it since then. We even went shopping today for an outdoor cabinet to put beside it for the accessories and such.

Sorry I don’t have pics of either party or the Christmas morning snow! I only took video for some reason! I did think to snap some pics of the table before anyone showed up on Christmas morning, though. I used that awesome red mesh all over the house! :o)

Like the little centerpiece I made here? The candy canes worked perfectly to hide the stems of the decorations I used in this crystal vase.

My big gift this year was the Garmin Forerunner 110 that Jamie gave me on Christmas Eve. I have really enjoyed using it the past couple of weeks. It has gotten me out on the road on cold days that I previously would have hidden from inside my warm house. I can upload the run data to Garmin Connect, an online software, and see all kinds of stats, graphs, and maps. I can also compare workouts and even set goals to work towards, such as a mileage goal or a calorie burn goal. It has a heart rate monitor, so I’ve also been using it for inside workouts to check out my calorie burn on those exercises. It is a pretty awesome device for someone who loves to look at the numbers!

We had a wonderful Christmas spending time with family and friends. Having Christmas here made me appreciate our new house even more. We love living here. I look forward to having many more happy Christmases here with the people I love. We have been truly blessed.


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