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2011 Will Be All About Balance January 1, 2011

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“When we become too fixated on one area of our life, then our balance is shifted and we no longer have peace.

If you think of life like a scale, giving too much time and effort in one area of our lives means we have to forgo other things, therefore our life is thrown out of balance. This isn’t always a bad thing when you are working toward a goal, but when one is never satisfied with reaching his/her goals, we fail to find the joy in the journey. It isn’t the destination that makes us who we are, but enduring the journey that gets us to our destination that does.”

via 2011 Will Be All about Balance.

I really like this passage from a blog I read today. It is very true. Sometimes I do put my blinders on when going after a goal and let other things fall to the wayside. I need to find a peaceful balance among the goals I set for myself in the new year, because if not, when I do reach a goal, it will be diminished by the guilt that I’ve gained from ignoring other areas. Maybe that’s why people are so afraid to set resolutions, especially multiple ones. It’s difficult to balance daily life and goals that make you break out of your normal routine somewhat. I like a challenge, though. I have much to balance in my life in 2011, and I am up for the task.


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