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Army Wives Prayer January 25, 2011

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A friend posted this Army wives prayer on Facebook today, so I thought I’d repost it here for others who may be going through the same thing. We as Army wives try to be selfless in understanding how important it is for our soldiers to do their duty and complete their military mission. Most importantly, we pray that God protects them and uses them as He sees fit.

The Army Wives Prayer

Dear Lord,
Give me the greatness of heart to see the difference between duty and his love for me.
Give me understanding that I may know, when duty calls him he must go.
Give me a task to do each day, to fill the time when he’s away.
And Lord, when he’s in a foreign land, keep him safe in Your loving hand.
And Lord, when duty is in the field, please protect him and be his shield.

Jamie has only been gone for a week, but it seems like it has been at least twice that long. He was put into the hospital this weekend with a bad virus and given three IVs because of dehydration, but he is thankfully better now. We got to Skype video chat for about 5 minutes one night, so it was really good to see his face. The connection wasn’t the greatest, but it worked. If only Skpye will work where he is going, it will make this deployment so much more bearable. I really hope the Internet connection will be strong/fast enough there.


Goodbyes Are Never Easy January 18, 2011

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Jamie deployed this morning. I spent the last five days with him. I took off work Friday to hang out with him and help him get his stuff packed and make sure everything was done around here that needed to be. He grilled steaks and pork chops, and I made salad, potatoes, and garlic bread, and we had a feast Friday night. Saturday, we headed to Philadelphia very early after dropping Jake off at my parents’ house. The Army had him busy most of the day, so I went shopping and then waited for a while in the parking lot until he got done. We got settled into the Hilton after that and drove down to Meridian to find Jamie a wet weather jacket (he’s going to Washington first, and it rains all the time there) and eat at Olive Garden. Sunday morning, Jamie had to go to the send off ceremony practice, and since I wasn’t feeling well, I went back to the hotel room and napped. It didn’t help that we had eaten a huge breakfast at the PHOP (that’s Philadelphia House of Pancakes *lol*), so I was sleepy. When they finally let him go well after lunch, we went back to the hotel, dressed, and met some people to eat some Mexican food for supper. We hung out with this sweet couple, Valerie who is the Chaplain’s Assistant and is going over with Jamie, and her husband. Her husband is also leaving to go over in August, not many months before she’ll be back in the states, so they’ll be apart even longer. I can’t imagine being in that situation, though they do plan on taking leave at the same time. We stopped at a coffee shop and had ice cream before going back to the hotel. Monday morning, we had the send off ceremony at Neshoba Central High School. I sat with another Army wife, Cecily, who lives not very far from me, and we watched together. I teared up at Lt. Duff’s invocation and was balling by the time the unit video was over and the Soldier’s Creed was being read. Thankfully, I’d stashed some tissues; I was a mess. I think Jamie was surprised to see me upset. I had worked so hard at denying to myself what we were there for and hardening myself against feeling any emotion that it just flooded out all at once when I saw him down there with the unit. It wasn’t me and him anymore; it was he in his unit with me and the other wives sitting in the stands. I could no longer pretend that we were just doing another military weekend thing and would be going home in a few days. Denial was my biggest coping mechanism. I’d spent the past month crying at night and trying to hide it from him that denying that it was happening this weekend was the best way I knew to deal with it. I didn’t want the whole weekend to be a sad and frustrating ordeal. I wanted it to be us being normal and lovable and happy. Another coping mechanism was shopping. Although I didn’t do too much of it, shopping made me feel so much better. The other coping mechanism was food. I definitely eat my emotions. Well, after the send off ceremony, we stopped in at the Coffee Bean Café on Beacon St. and ate hot sandwiches and soup. I had collected myself by then. We ended up spending our evening in, only leaving briefly to get pizzas from Dominos, even though we’d promised to go out with some of his fellow soldiers. We just didn’t feel like it. We watched old movies and talked. This morning, I dropped him off at the armory only long enough to snap some pics and say our tearful goodbyes. He said that he didn’t want me to stay to see them leave on the buses for my sake, but I think it was for his sake, too. I left before most of the other soldiers and their families had shown up.

Now that he’s gone, I feel chaotic and dark inside. That’s the only way I can describe the feeling. I came in and slept for about four hours. I wasn’t tired; I just wanted to do nothing. Lying in our bed alone was hard at first, but after a while, I didn’t want to leave. If the mail lady hadn’t beeped to drop off a package and set Jake to barking, I may have lain there all day. I can’t imagine going back to school tomorrow and getting back into my normal routine, but that’s probably what I need most. It just seems like I’ve been gone for weeks, and I just wonder how things can possibly go back to normal when I feel so NOT normal inside. The sadness just rolls in in big waves. I know that talking to him tonight will make me feel better, and I hope he’ll be able to call if he gets in to Washington before I go to bed. This wouldn’t be so hard if we hadn’t been the happiest we’ve ever been. This past year has been so great, and I’m so afraid that happiness will be snatched away from us. In a way, it has been, but I just pray that it’s only temporary and we can put this difficult period behind us as just a distant memory, a little trip-up in a long, leisurely, happy journey together.


Music to my Ears! January 10, 2011

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One of my resolutions was to spend time on the things I love. One of those things is music. I got so accustomed during grad school to put my hobbies on the back burner that I have found it hard to pick them back up now. I plan on practicing more with my piano. To hold me to it, I committed to playing the piano in church when the preacher’s wife is out, so now I have to learn some new songs! Also, I just committed to taking violin lessons from Mr. James Hill, who is also over the Rainwater Observatory and Planetarium in French Camp. A prior student of mine who takes piano from Mr. Hill’s wife referred me to him. I am really excited to start. Although I have had my violin for about three years,  I was always reluctant to try to go very far with lessons on my own for fear of learning improper bowing technique or some other problem not easily fixed once learned. Jamie bought me a violin accessory for Christmas that I’d had on my Amazon Wish List for ages, so I thought that while he’s gone, this will be the perfect opportunity to devote some time to that. Not only will I not be taking time away from him while he’s away, but I also won’t be scratching and screeching and driving him crazy for the next several months. Maybe by the time he comes home, I won’t sound so bad playing it!


I want Jillian’s physique! January 8, 2011

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Jillian Michaels’s Photos – Wall Photos

wow. jillian michaels has an awesome body. here, she’s getting her tan on in a paper towel bikini for the shape cover (oh, to have the kinda job where someone else has to rub that yucky lotion on and gets the awful orange hands!). this photo makes me 1) want to go get a spray tan and 2) not eat for a month. her physique is amazing! is it wishful thinking to try to get a body like this? i’m thinking it’s just not in my genetic code…more likely, it’s that i don’t have the discipline she does. i do love crappy food and especially sweets. *sigh* sugar, thou art the enemy.


New Year, New Laws… for Runners | RW Daily January 5, 2011

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I had a workshop today involving the Promethean Board, and I think I knew more about it than the teacher. She is kinda awful at what she does. Anyway, while we waited on her to get things going/fixed/more messed up, I played on Runner’s World and Facebook. I found this cute tongue-in-cheek blog about new “Runners’ Laws” that have just gone into effect. If you are a runner, how much money would you owe in fines right now? I think I’d only owe a few bucks. I do have a 13.1 sticker, and I do love my bullet points!

“Well, I did a bit of detective work and unearthed the following brand-new laws, which are now in effect. You’ve been warned.

* For runners who live in the western United States, it is now illegal to complain about how “cold” it is if the temperature is above 50 degrees F.

* For runners who live in the northern United States, it is illegal to complain about how “hot” it is if the temperature is below 75 degrees F.

* Unless you are a sponsored athlete, wearing a single brand of running gear from head to toe is now punishable by a $50 fine on the first offense. Second offense is $100. On the third offense, your gear is confiscated and a judge may order you to wear athletic apparel from Wal-Mart exclusively for six months.

* In Texas, it is now legal for runners to urinate on any stopped or parked car whose occupant(s) had earlier heckled or menaced them while driving by. (A defecation amendment died in committee.)

* In what is mostly a symbolic federal law, runners wearing headphones or earbuds now have no official right to feel upset when they startle as another runner passes them from behind.

* Any runner with an oval “26.2” or “13.1” sticker on his car is now subject to an annual $1 fee per sticker. Just because.

* Runners who do pushups within 6 feet of any race finish line now face 30 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000.

* Running bloggers are now subject to a bullet-point tax of $5 per bullet point.

Uh oh.”

via New Year, New Laws… for Runners | RW Daily.


Time Flies January 4, 2011

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It’s happening too quickly. It occurred to me last night as a lay in bed beside Jamie, listening to his breathing and occasional snores, that as fast as the past two weeks flew by while I was on Christmas vacation, the next two weeks are going to go by even faster, and he will be gone. It was great to have time off work for both of us to spend some quality time together this Christmas, but it really seems like it went by in a blink. I can only hope that his deployment will go by with similar speed. I just think back to all that has happened in the past year and don’t have much hope that it will. It seems like eons ago we went on our cruise to the Caribbean. That was in June. Only half a year ago? Wow. And even longer still that we bought this house and moved in. That was a lifetime ago a year ago.

It was another January not too long ago that I felt these same feelings and went back to another semester at MSU, telling my friends Nicki and Jessie that I was about to get married because Jamie was getting deployed. It had been like an atomic bomb drop that January, but this time, it has been an acid eating away casually at my insides.

I dread going back to work tomorrow not because I don’t want to teach but because I know that it will make these moments fly by. And there is so much to take care of before he leaves. If women can have weeks for maternity leave, why can’t they have a few weeks for deployment leave? Maybe if I had a super power, it’d be to stop time when I needed to or to speed it up when the occasion arose.


take a look at the Garmin Connect site

Here is a link to a 3 mile run I did a few days ago. I thought I’d share this for anyone who might be considering buying a Garmin device. These things are awesome. My hubby got me the Garmin Forerunner 110 with the heart rate monitor, and I love using this gadget! Check out how you can look at your mile splits, different types of maps, how your heart rate changes with the change in elevation and speed, etc. *** Garmin Connect also lets me upload my calorie data from other indoor workouts, such as an elliptical workout or a strength training session since I have the heart rate monitor, which is useful if you’re keeping up with your calorie burn to lose weight.

My Run on Garmin Connect

The data after the run is cool, but I love having it on my wrist during the run to see my distance and to check my average pace for the mile and my heart rate. Having access to this info is going to make training so much easier now. For instance, I now know that my second mile is usually my slowest, so I need to dig deeper during that mile to have a better overall pace.


***Just a little disclaimer about the map data: please do not stalk me on my runs; I take a weapon with me on runs, I have several guns at home, and I’m a Southern girl, so I actually know how to use them. :o) Don’t be a weirdo.