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snowy blog December 2, 2010

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i’ve had quite a blustery blog the past few days. i forget how i added “snow” to my blog last year. i put some code in somewhere, i think. but the awesome thing is that it just started back up snowing on its own this december, without me having to change anything! i wonder if it’ll stop at a certain time…if not, we may have snow in the forecast this summer!

it has been in the 20’s and 30’s since i got back from my trip to the mountains. i wish it had been that cold there so Ober Gatlinburg would have had snow machines going. i really want to try skiing or snowboarding. that would have been so much fun! but even here, if it’s going to be this cold, i wish we’d get a little snow to play in, at least for a few days. if we get a decent amount of snow (which hasn’t happened in some years), i will turn right back into a kid again, bundle up and run out into it, make snowmen and snowwomen, have snowball fights, make snowangels in the snow, and make snow ice cream. and i can sit for hours mesmerized by snowflakes falling. you’d think with all this talk that i love snow and winter, but honestly, i don’t want it that cold for very long. i am a true southern girl and love my hot weather!


2 Responses to “snowy blog”

  1. You did it – your blog is snowing again!

    Hope you get to have some fun in the snow, girl!

  2. Mary Ann Says:

    I forecast snow for this winter. Why? Because I can’t get on a sled and slide down a tall hill like I love to do when we get some good snow. lol So your chances of being able to play are HIGH. :-)

    Seriously though, if it does snow I’m heading down the road to your house and we will have an awesome snowball fight! Then I can take pics of you and the guys doing the more “dangerous” stuff.

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