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Great Smoky Mountains trip November 24, 2010

Jamie and I had a great time traveling to the Great Smoky Mountains this week. I loved going through Chattanooga and could definitely see myself living there. It is such a beautiful city. We made it to Pigeon Forge Saturday evening, got our hotel, and ate at Johnny Carino’s Italian. It was really delicious. Sunday, we went over to Gatlinburg, got into another hotel there where we could be close to all the walking type stuff, shopped for a while, and even found some Greek gyros for lunch. We went through Ripley’s Aquarium, which was pretty fun. They even offered us a 90% discount to all of the Ripley’s attractions for being military. Then, we hit the Tanger Outlets in Pigeon Forge and shopped ‘til we dropped. We went to the movie theatre in Sevierville to watch the new Harry Potter movie, because I have been dying to see it. Then, we stopped for ice cream before going back to our hotel. On Monday, we shopped around Gatlinburg some more before driving up the mountain to see Ober Gatlinburg (no ski lift for us! That is one deep and high ascent!). The view from the top was great, but since it wasn’t cold enough for the snow machines, there wasn’t a lot going on up there. Kids were ice skating on the inside rink. Jamie and I are old enough and wise enough not to try that as adults. We know where we’d have ended up! We did a little more outlet shopping in Pigeon Forge and ended up at Max Legends in Gatlinburg for an early dinner. Then, we went into the Ripley’s Mirror Maze, which was really crazy with 3D glasses on. We were running into dead ends and kept thinking we were seeing other people only to realize that it was usually our own reflections. It was a lot of fun. Before going back to our hotel, we decided to do the Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, which I found to be pretty frightening but fun, as well. The actors were really creepy, and it was so dark. At one point, this guy throws guts up against this cage, and water flies out of a sponge and all over you, making you think you’ve been hit with blood. These compressors made loud noises that were about as startling as a chainsaw, which did come out at the end but wasn‘t very scary. And my very favorite part of it was this tunnel where the lights all around you spun to the left, so as you’re trying to walk this small plank pathway, you feel like you’re going to fall because it messes up your vision and equilibrium so much. Tuesday morning, we woke up to a cloudy, angry sky, so we ate a late breakfast at the Log Cabin Pancake House and headed home. Jamie and I had fun, but we don’t like to stay on vacation for too long. We love our comfortable bed, our computers, and our pets too much to stay away for too long.

Here’s a few pics from our trip. We didn’t take a whole bunch; we were having too much fun!


2 Responses to “Great Smoky Mountains trip”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    I love the plank part too. First time I ever went in the Haunted Adventure it was a group of 4 and a couple who tagged along up our cart. We got to that part and it had us all so messed up that we got about half way across and just stopped. One of the guys that was suppose to be trying to scare us ended up coming out to tell us that it was flat and was just our vision messing us up. Weird how a few lights can throw you so off balance!

    • dragonfly180 Says:

      yeah, it was really strange. and it affected us differently, too. jamie was a little thrown off balance by it, but it affected me so much that i had to close my eyes a few times just to be able to walk forward. *lol* it was so funny.

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