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fireplace mantle September 1, 2010

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so i’ve been promising house decorating updates and haven’t delivered much, have i? well, here is a BIG change we made to our living room in the past few weeks. we have gas logs in our fireplace, and we previously had just this long mantle board over it. kinda boring. we’d been looking for a mantle since we moved in, knowing that we definitely wanted to make the area look more interesting. we looked and looked and looked some more. we found this mantle in an antique store on the Canton square months ago but didn’t buy it since it was pricey. we kept looking. finally, we came back to the store and still really really loved this one, so we plunged in and bought it. it is circa 1930s and is made of Tiger Oak. it’s just beautiful and still in pretty good condition to be so old.

our fireplace BEFORE:

our fireplace AFTER:

the lady at the antique store gave me a beautiful pie server as a little gift with our purchase. she also handed me a bag of cucumbers from her garden, i guess as a thank you for being her big sale for the day. i love the south. southern people are so thoughtful.

if you look at the before pic, you can see the color i painted the walls (called autumn surprise, of which i put a color swatch up on the blog previously). i promise to get more house pics up soon!


5 Responses to “fireplace mantle”

  1. Wow. I can’t believe what a difference that made. It looks like a whole new fireplace. I love that she showed you that Southern hospitality and gave you the pie server and cucumbers. I bet you really made her day by making the purchase.

  2. Katrina Says:

    LOVE IT!!! Makes me want a new one :)

  3. Mary Ann Says:

    That is sooo pretty! It really adds warmth and character.

  4. Seglare Says:

    The updated fireplace looks so nice! Good job!

    PS. I just stumbled upon your blog through a link on some other blog – I have really enjoyed reading so far. :)

  5. Katrina Says:

    Love your new pic!! I will post some pics of the bedrooms.. they are not 100% complete.. I just can’t believe I decided to redo all the rooms… It was a great idea in the planning stage.. lol.. not so much in the labor stage :o

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