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training update and gels August 18, 2010

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Half marathon training is going pretty well. I took a cutback week last week, so my long run was just over 5 miles. This week’s LR is set for 9 miles. My out and back route is 4 miles, so I’m kinda not looking forward to doing that twice plus a mile. I wish I had somewhere else to run. If I was training with someone else, I’d go out to the Natchez Trace to run, but it’s not safe to go out there alone, because the Trace has low traffic and much of it is not local. I’m already nervous about the 9 miles. I always fear that I’ll fail and not be able to do the distance. But I am ready to get out there and just do it. I’m actually most excited about next week’s 10-miler. 10 miles! WOW! How cool is that?

I am still doing Chalean Extreme with my training. I started the push phase, and I really like it! It’s a good change to go from 12 reps to 6 to 8 reps with heavier weights. I’m thinking I need 18 lb weights or 20’s now, though! I was hoping it would get more intense, so I‘m enjoying it. I really needed a recovery week last week (found myself screaming at my hubby for no good reason!), so I took the week off from CLX before starting the push phase. I really don’t understand why she didn’t add in recovery weeks to her program. Maybe she doesn’t need them, but I sure do!

I’ve been experimenting with gels for mid-run fuel. The first thing I tried was the Power Bar gel gummies, and they were really delicious but hard to get down. Then, I tried the GU Espresso Love gel. It was soooooo gross! It had a really funky, medicinal taste. After that, I tried the GU Chocolate Outrage gel. It was so yummy! I ate it down in no time! Definitely my favorite so far. Last week, I tried the Power Bar Strawberry Banana gel, and I like it because it had a decent flavor and was a little thinner than the GU, so it went down even easier. I have a few more to try out, but I’ll definitely buy the GU chocolate again, and the Power Bar Strawberry Banana may be best for the race because it goes down so easily that I won’t have to slow down much. I’m so glad I decided to begin experimenting with this stuff early. I feel like I am going to go into this race really well prepared, which feels good.


2 Responses to “training update and gels”

  1. freak4fitness Says:

    WooHoo, TEN MILES. It’s going to be awesome to say you did double digits when you complete that! I remember being really thrilled with double digits :)
    Have you considered Hammer Gel? I really like them, the best flavors are huckleberry, orange, and vanilla.

  2. Shara Says:

    We sell some amazing products called Torch! You may want to look into them :) Good luck with your marathon!

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