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running escapism July 19, 2010

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remember how i wrote after the cruise that we should try to play more in our daily lives? well, running is like that for me. it’s my playtime, my time to just do something for the sake of having fun. not every run is fun, obviously. but a child doesn’t always have fun doing what he/she is doing either. there are obviously differences in making mud pies and running, but what we do have in common is the escapism of it. we get to escape from the mundane and find ourselves feeling different, doing something different, being someone different for a little while. and a race is like field day! it’s exciting. it’s so much fun to see all those people around you getting ready and to feel the excitement everywhere. it’s awesome having people on the sidelines to support you and cheer you on. and even if you never place, when you step over that line after a hard effort, you feel like you just got pinned with a blue ribbon.

some may wonder why i get up on a saturday morning and run for more than an hour. well, i cannot not do it once i’ve got my mind set on it. the alarm goes off, and i think, ‘no, i’ve only had 5 hours of sleep. i’ll run later.’ then, i turn over and bury my face in my pillow and the covers. then i wonder if it’s cool outside. no, sleep time. then i wonder if this might be the day that i can go one mile farther than i thought. no, time to get my zzzzz’s. then i think about the cute little goats that call out to me in curiosity as i run by and the beautiful brown mare that always runs to the fence whinnying, hoping i have some hay or oats. &#@%, time to get up to run!  haha! happens every saturday morning. it’s because i anticipate and look forward to that time on the road. what adventure will my next long run be?


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