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my half-marathon training plan July 12, 2010

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I am using Hal Higdon’s novice half marathon training plan, but I plan on adding in Chalean Extreme to keep up my ST. You can find the novice plan here:

So here is what my training plan will look like, unless I decide to change it (CLX stands for Chalean Extreme, by the way):

Sunday – CLX Burn Circuit 1, CLX Ab Burner, CLX Recharge

Monday – run

Tuesday – CLX Burn Circuit 2, elliptical or bike

Wednesday – run, CLX Burn Intervals, CLX Ab Burner

Thursday – CLX Burn Circuit 3, short run (speedwork)

Friday – Crunch yoga dvd, CLX Ab Burner
OR Turbo Jam Fat Blaster, CLX Ab Burner
OR CLX Burn It Off, CLX Ab Burner

Saturday – long run, light stretch yoga

As you can see, Friday is my whatever-I-feel-like day. I think you just need to schedule in those sometimes. If I have something else to do or I just feel too tired to work out that day and need to rest, I won’t feel as guilty about it. This plan may be too much for me to handle once school starts back in a few weeks, so we’ll see how it goes and reassess when the time comes. I may, at that time, cut back to strictly running and the 3 ST workouts and forego extra cardio unless I’m just feeling particularly good. I will also probably switch things around once my mileage gets up so that I’m not doing too much in one day. As a friend reminded me, I need to be very careful not to over train while doing this. I definitely don’t want an injury to mess up my goal.


2 Responses to “my half-marathon training plan”

  1. That looks like an awesome plan. How is the training going?

  2. dragonfly180 Says:

    it’s going pretty well! i just started the push phase of CLX tonight (whew, tough but fun!), and i am set to do my 9 mile LR this saturday! :o)

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