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summer June 12, 2010

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it has been so long since i’ve updated this blog. it’s funny how you let things go when you don’t feel like you have the time. anyway, i made it through another year of teaching, and i’m just trying to enjoy this summer. i found out right at the end of the school year that jamie is getting deployed again. that wasn’t fun. i spent the first few weeks reading, tanning, playing on the computer, and hanging out with friends and my hubby.

i’ve spent the past week nursing stitches that i got in my leg from removing a spot that turned out noncancerous. that’s good news, but my leg is giving me all kinds of trouble. after having the stitches out only one day, the wound opened up again, and i freaked out and went into shock yesterday. i just cannot see stuff like that. i can’t handle it. so i don’t know how that’s going to turn out. we have steri-strips on it now, and i’m thinking about getting a friend to super glue it for me. i am not going through having stitches again.

next friday, we leave for our cruise to the eastern caribbean. i am really excited but also apprehensive because of my wound and because i’m having to leave the best d.o.g. in the world at the vet’s boarding area. i’m afraid jake will think we’ve completely abandoned him. :o( not looking forward to have to leaving him for 10 days. the positive side of it is that the vet and her helpers know jake and like him, so i really hope they take some time to scratch his head every day and talk to him.

hopefully my next post will be about the awesome adventures we had on our cruise and the fabulous memories we made.


One Response to “summer”

  1. It’s good to see you posting again, girl.

    I’m sorry that your leg is giving you trouble and that you ended up going into shock. That’s really scary.

    Hope you have an amazing time on your cruise. I cannot wait to hear all about it!

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