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rejected! February 13, 2010

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it is amazing how addictive some of the networking sites are. most of my friends use facebook, and i love using it, too. i’m able to keep up with them on a regular basis, talk to friends and family members who live far away, play games, get the latest local news (i.e., gossip), look at friends’ pictures, etc.

there are all kinds of “rules” to networking sites. for me, since i’m a teacher, i can’t add people who aren’t out of school yet, unless we’re related or there’s no chance they’ll be enrolling in our school before they graduate. it’s actually in the teachers’ handbook. that suits me, because i don’t necessarily want to be “friends” with every 9th grade boy who has a little crush on me or who has a weird curiosity about what his teachers do outside of school.

i also tend to ignore requests from people that i just cannot remember or those who i know i’ve never even spoken to. other than that, though, i add just about anyone who requests a friendship. i even accepted requests from girls i hated in high school who have turned out to be okay as adults.

sometimes you get to really know someone that you never got a chance to know before. i got to know my two best friends primarily because we kept in touch on facebook after reconnecting at our high school reunion. most of these “friendships,” though, are nothing more than an occasional comment to a status and sometimes involve no interaction at all.

so why does it hurt when you realize that someone has ignored your friend request? is it real rejection? it feels like it. ignoring someone, after all, is just a passive form of rejection. you start to wonder about what reasons someone would have for not liking you enough to add you on something so trivial as a networking site. then, you wonder why it even matters in the first place if it’s so trivia!l *lol*

i can be pretty tenderhearted at times, so maybe i take it a little too personally. i added someone recently that i don’t know all that well, but i thought that networking with her on facebook would afford an opportunity to get to know her a little better. guess not. it may have been nothing more than that she didn’t recognize me through my picture, but i don’t know. i guess it doesn’t matter. i have no idea if i’d even get along with her out of the setting in which i know her, so it may not even be worth it to feel bad about it. thank God there was no facebook when i was younger. i don’t know how these little, tenderhearted jr high and high school kids deal with things like facebook and myspace.