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New Years Resolutions for 2010 January 9, 2010

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Some people think that New Year’s resolutions are a waste of time, but usually when I set my mind to do something, I do it, and resolutions are no exception. I think that looking to how you can improve yourself can be very positive. In Health Magazine this month, I read that “Telling friends and family members about your biggest goals for the new year will help you stick to them and ups your chances of success,” so here are my goals for 2010.

I want to work on my relationships. First, I want to become a better wife by being more understanding and supportive. I love my husband more than any other person on this earth, and I want him to feel that love every day. I want to remember to make time for my parents, especially since we have moved farther away from them. I want to strengthen the bonds I have with my friends. Friends make life so much more pleasurable.

I plan to continue to take care of myself, for I am all that I truly have. I want to strengthen my faith in God and the understanding of His Word. I want to continue my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. I want to do things that enrich my life and make me happy, like music, writing, and art.

I want to be a more organized person. Chaos and uncleanliness make me anxious. Better organizational and time-management skills would help me avoid this. I really like for things to be clean and in their place, but I am also a creative person, so I often get really busy (and a little lazy sometimes, too!) and distracted and don’t put things back where they should be. Part of this involves avoiding procrastination. After a while, it all piles up, and it gets so overwhelming. I have to learn to avoid this kind of behavior, because it really causes a lot of negativity that then spills over into other parts of my life. Since we have just moved into a new house, maybe that will provide me with a clean slate, and I can work on this part of my life.

That sounds like a great deal of change for one year, but I think that all of those things can be worked on little by little and here and there. I don’t expect to be perfect, and I think that giving yourself some slack when you don’t immediately succeed is probably the number one reason why people don’t like New Year’s resolutions and fail at them. No one said that you had to resolve to be perfect. You have an entire year to work on yourself and make your life a little better. There is something very hopeful and comforting to me about that. I might not succeed at everything that I want to accomplish, but if I do well at even just one of my resolutions, then my life has improved.

Happy 2010!