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Graduation December 19, 2009

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I graduated from Mississippi State University last Friday night. Since I had received my Master’s degree in the mail in August, it was a little anticlimactic. In fact, I had spent all of Friday dreading the ceremony and complaining to my husband about not wanting to go. Had it not been for my parents, I probably wouldn’t have. I would have just called my friends and told them to meet me at the Mexican restaurant. :o)

But I did go. It was bitterly cold, just like my graduation in December 2003 when I got my Bachelor’s. It had been sleeting that day when the ceremony was over and we were trying to gather everyone up to go to a restaurant. Thankfully, it did not sleet this time. I wore some gorgeous heels that had to have been made by Satan himself. They killed my feet! Jamie was practically carrying me to the car after the ceremony was over.

Near the end of the ceremony, I realized something pretty cool. There had been this guy out in the breezeway as we were lining up that I was sure I recognized. I knew I had not taken any classes with him, but since I spend so much time in the gym, I figured he was one of the beef heads always over by the weights. I forgot about him until after I’d received my diploma (empty diploma carrier, actually) and was watching people go across stage. As this guy crossed the stage, I realized who he was when they announced his name. It was Howie from Big Brother Season6 and 7! I found out later from my friend who works in the Distance Learning office that he was a DL student in our Meteorology program. Pretty neat to have graduated with a reality t.v. personality.

After the ceremony, my hubby and I met up with my parents, aunt, and my two best friends at a great Mexican restaurant, La Terraza, to eat supper. I ordered a huge quesadilla and a jumbo margarita on the rocks. Laughing with my family and friends and eating good food was the best part of the night.


One Response to “Graduation”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    So glad I could share your special night! It’s always a blast when we get together!

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