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Changing Architecture December 6, 2009

Filed under: decorating — dragonfly180 @ 6:59 pm

Ranch-style houses that have a flat front are very boring to me. When Jamie and I began looking for a new house, that was the type of house I knew I didn’t want. It’s what we have now, after all. The strange thing about Mississippi is that these plain ranch-style houses are EVERYWHERE! I guess because they are so cheap to build. And what did we find and decide to buy? A flat front Ranch-style house.

I like the Bungalow/Craftsman style most in American home architecture, although my tastes are pretty diverse. Most importantly, I like an interesting front and entrance. I don’t like hidden entranceways, boring entranceways, entranceways overwhelmed by big, ugly garages, etc.

This is a picture of the house we bought that we haven’t moved into yet. It’s a little dark, but you can see that it has a pretty plain front.

We plan on adding more prominent columns, possibly some shutters, and painting the trim. We have even toyed with the idea of enclosing the carport and making an extra bedroom. I had suggested that if we enclosed the carport, we could add a bay window to give the flat front a little visual interest.

Today, I had a crazy idea that Jamie actually liked and agreed with. We are thinking of adding a pergola at the front door to enhance the entranceway. This could add visual interest to the front of the house without having to change the roof and do major remodeling. It would run about 10 feet across the front of the house (from about the column from the left of the door to about midways of the double window on the right side of the front door) and be set into a concrete slab of the same length. I could grow jasmine up the columns, since they are evergreens and will stay pretty all year long.

Have we lost our minds? What do you think about adding a pergola to the front of the house? We looked around on the internet today to try to find a picture of something like that. The only thing I could find is where people add them to the back of the house, like this:

I did find one instance of where someone used a pergola as a front entrance, but this obviously looks nothing like our house. :o) And the pic was taken at a weird angle, so you can’t get it’s full effect, but you get the idea, though.


3 Responses to “Changing Architecture”

  1. Jordan Says:

    I think those things are mainly used for garden areas, so I wouldn’t leave it plain. I would grow roses or something on it. Then again, I don’t know if you would like your guests walking past thorny roses. XD

    However, I think if you add shutters and bigger columns, that is going to work just as well.

    Did you ever decide on what to do about the bathroom?

    • dragonfly180 Says:

      my bathroom stuff is already in from the previous post. i am so ready to decorate! the pergola idea is something we’d do down the road anyway. we were just excited about talking about it today.

  2. Mary Ann Says:

    I think it would be neat. Who cares if no one else has done it. Be a trendsetter. :-) I am so glad you posted this because I thought I had lost my mind for a minute.

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