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Bathroom Decorating November 28, 2009

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I have had a kokopeli/south pacific theme with turquoise and beige in my bathroom for the past 5 years. I need a change. I have decided to paint the walls of my new bathroom the same color that is in my current dining room, because I love the color and will miss it when I move. It is called fava bean and looks very similar to this:

I think fava bean has more of a brown/yellow undertone than this does, but you get the idea.

The shower curtain I have ordered is a gray and black modern print. Reviews say that the gray is more of a taupe color, which will probably coordinate with my fava bean nicely. I think the black pattern will set a bold statement against the pale green.

I also want to add in a few bright pink accents. I found a print that I might get, or I may just do a black, white, and pink painting to go in there.

So what do you think of the colors/patterns? I’ve picked out some white bathroom accessories and a pink soap dish. I don’t want pink to be an overwhelming color in the bathroom, just a little accent here and there.
Do you think design style and colors should flow throughout the house? I tend to think that each room is a new opportunity for design and color. My living room flows into my dining room (no dividing wall) so I’ll probably have similar colors there, but I think my bedrooms and bathrooms are fair game to play with different colors and ideas. For instance, we will have mostly red and gold in our bedroom, but the spare bedroom will be light blue and dark brown. I also plan to use mostly blues in my kitchen, even though my kitchen is open to my dining area.


House Closing November 22, 2009

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Jamie and I bought our first house about 6 years ago. We bought very small (about 800 sq. ft.) and very cheap. Our loan was for 15 years, but we threw extra money at it every chance we got, and Jamie did a few years of active duty to help us pay it off in 5 years. As soon as we paid it off, we began looking for a bigger house. We are really sick of living in such a small house; it is driving us crazy. Since we have this house to fall back on if we ever need it, we felt more confident about looking for something bigger and pricier.

We like our quiet neighborhood, and I love that my parents live across the street. I like that the grocery store is 2 minutes away. I love that I can run around town and take different routes for a change of scenery. It’s nice that I live less than 15 minutes from work. Those will be the things I miss most. But we’ve outgrown this house and need a better place to live.

We looked for some houses nearer to where Jamie works. As it is, he has almost an hour’s drive to work each day. Everything we found was too expensive, too small, or tied up with banks and loan companies and such. We considered purchasing land and building a house. We figured that it would cost around $70 per sq. ft. to build, which wasn’t too bad, since we weren’t wanting to build something huge. Then, we tried to find land, and no one wanted to sell less than 10-15 acres (and usually it was more like 80-100). That was going to set us back another $30,000 or more. Jamie has land in the country, but surrounding neighbors make it less than ideal to build on. So somewhat discouraged, we decided to keep looking for a house already built.

To our surprise, we quickly found a larger house in the area that we wanted to buy in. It is about 25 miles from Jamie’s job and about 20 miles from mine. It was set at a fair price and came with a few acres of land. The old couple had inherited a house in town and had not even put their house on the market yet. A friend told us about it, and we went to see it. It is a brick house with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, central H/A, newly remodeled kitchen, and a pretty fireplace. We want to add on another bedroom eventually, but as it is, it is probably over 400 more sq. ft. than what we have now.

The closing date has been set for Dec. 4th. I am so excited to have my new house. What an awesome Christmas present!!! I have so many design/decorative ideas that I want to get started on. If the couple moves out in time, I’ll get my wish of having Christmas in my new house this year!