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Fall October 12, 2009

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I love this season. There is something delicious and special about the sights and smells of Fall. Summer’s green that was once vibrant to our eyes but that has dulled over time is suddenly disrupted by intense, fiery colors. The air begins to smell like smoke, dead leaves, and winter. The spicy smells of cloves and nutmeg fill people’s homes. Bright orange pumpkins and giant pots of vivid red, yellow, and white mums against brown grass and pale yellow hay bales decorate lawns and front porches.

happy scarecrow
Every Autumn, there is a tug at my heart that makes me feel like I was meant for another place, some picturesque little village in the Northeast, maybe the Catskills, or maybe more Southern than that, the Ozarks perhaps, where there are pumpkin patches and farmers’ markets and real scarecrows and Fall Festivals and color unimaginable. Some place where you actually have to wear sweaters and boots and scarves against the chill of Fall. A place where everyone knows you by name as your move from shop to shop on the quaint little square. Of course, my Autumn Village only exists in my head. Could there be such a special little place? Maybe I will come across it some day.

It’s actually pretty strange that I love Fall so much. The vibrant color that it brings is only a precursor of the muted gray and brown that the world will become during Winter. The chilly mornings and evenings are reminders that Summer’s warm breezes will soon be hidden for a while. They are a promise that hard, miserable weather will soon arrive.

Perhaps people need continual change. I retreat from change as much as possible, but although I fear it, sometimes a little change does me good. Maybe change is necessary, something that God understood as He came up with His awesome design. After all, our lives are continually changing and not just with the seasons. As much as I love Summer, I am definitely ready for cooler weather and a different atmosphere by October. I crave a reprieve from the oppressive heat of Mississippi by then. I guess that is why I love Fall so much.


One Response to “Fall”

  1. lil 1/2 pint Says:

    I love fall, too. I adore the cooler weather – crisp, cold mornings are my favorite.

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