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Career Choices August 15, 2009

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Isn’t it funny how we choose our careers? When I was a child, I remember wanting to be a veterinarian. I loved animals. Someone told me I’d have to cut them open and put them down. Not for me. Then, I remembered hearing about anesthesiology and decided that such a cool career name must be a great profession. I quickly abandoned that goal, since it turned out not to be so exciting. In high school, I had lofty dreams of becoming a lawyer, primarily because my dad wanted me to. Also, I could argue like no one else I knew. In college, I began to realize that it was his dream and not really mine. But I didn’t do much soul searching to figure out my career.

To be honest,  I am terrible at math. I wanted to be a nurse or maybe a vet, but those required too much math. And could I really take blood and clean up vomit? Or kill someone’s lovable furry companion? Nah! Then, I came upon the education department part of the college handbook. Almost no math and only two semesters of a foreign language??? Sold! It was that simple. I had gone from the girl who hated high school to the girl who would be teaching high school. Weird. Anyway, I embraced the idea and did really well in the education and English departments. I liked the idea of going into a field where I was just about sure I would find a position. I also liked being able to have so much free time throughout the summer and holidays, especially if kids were to be in my future. I’d be out of school when they were out of school.

Just because teaching wasn’t my lifelong dream does not mean that I don’t love it. I truly care about the kids I teach, and I want them to do really well in my classes. But I often wonder what I would have been had I not had the math holding me back. I know that I love all things creative, like painting, writing, and music, but I know my personality and would never have been comfortable pursuing something so unsteady. I also love working creatively with software. When I worked for our county’s Economic Development office, my favorite part of the job was making brochures, updating our website, working in Excel, designing flyers, anything like that. When I worked in Financial Aid at college, I hated answering the phone but preferred to input data into the system for student loans.

I still get to be creative in my teaching job. I like to assign fun and creative activities, such making paper mache masks of gods and goddesses in mythology and decorating them to represent the diety. I get to be creative in my theatre class almost daily, and I write my own scripts for plays. Having the new Promethean Board in my classroom lets me converge my creativity and love for technology. Of course, I still dabble in the creative at home with various blogs, being the webmaster for my running club, painting, playing instruments, writing on occasion, and learning to cook new dishes.

I guess we do what fulfills us, and if we can’t get absolute fulfillment from our daily work, we just supplement it by adding in what we need to after the work day is done. I don’t think there is a career out there that would have fulfilled all of my interests 100% anyway. So I chose teacher, and that’s my career. I still want to be a writer, too. I’ll keep pursuing that, probably until I die.

What did you dream of becoming?


4 Responses to “Career Choices”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    I think it’s that way with everyone. I wanted to do EVERYTHING, and that’s why I didn’t go to college straight out of high school. I had no clue what I truly wanted to do. I’ve always been good in offices and with people so that’s how I ended up where I am now. I thought i wanted to do Business Information Technology until I took three or four programming classes and figured out that it was way too time consuming for me. Then I didn’t want to lose all my classes so I searched for the path that would let me apply most of them. That’s how I ended up with a BBA in Managment. I added on the Leadership Minor just because I could use the only class I needed that I didn’t have for that minor as an elective for my BBA and the internship sounded idea was fun. Why not…right? I found what I wanted to get my MS in by way of an elective class I took (Interviewing). I think it fits me well. I love people and I want to be able to help everyone. Rehab Counseling will allow me to do that. I, like you, also avoided certain interests because of some of the courses involved (namely foreign language and chemistry).

  2. theprettyproject Says:

    I completely agree with your comment about “supplementing” your career with what you really want to do. I definitly do a lot of supplementing after-hours although I enjoy my full-time career, also. It’s just hard to get everything in one job, you know.

    You are a great writer!

  3. Brooke Says:

    I love love love your blog! It is beautiful, and your writing is amazing.

    I wanted to be the First Women President. I didn’t want to have children, and I planned on getting married late in life. :). In the early college years, I thought I might have 5 children and get married right away and couldn’t decide what I wanted to be when I grew up!

    Much like you, I didn’t really decide to be a teacher. As a matter of fact, I took 5 years off from college because I refused to be a teacher. A series of fortunate events lead to me fall in love with a job at the local public library and a man who was a teacher. The desire to stay in the library field and have the same holidays as him brought me full circle back to a teaching career. I enjoy it, but I do dream of wearing skirt and pants suits, talking on my cell phone, eating lunch in a restaruant, and coming home early just because I can.

  4. Katrina Says:

    hmmm… many times I wanted to join the Air force and become a pilot. I fell in “LOVE” and decided to stay near Chris, so needless to say I had to find something that I could do around here. My masters degree in Student Affairs came about b/c I was a college kid and LOVED college kids. After graduating I found out that it’s harder to find a student affairs position around here. Yes, MSU was always an option, but I never had the pull or persistence to get in. When I went back to school last yr to obtain my educator’s license I had time to “think” and process who I was and where I was going. It was a much needed break for me and my family. I am now a HS counselor and love every moment of it. The beginning year issues have settled down and actually able to enjoy the students in our building.

    C.. I so love your blog.. been reading since I received your e-mail… just had a moment to respond..

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