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Why is Pizza So GOOD? July 31, 2009

spinachbacon pizza

Jamie once told me that pizza was the perfect food because you could add all of the food groups to it: bread, meat, veggies and fruit, cheese, oil. It has it all! Is this why we love it so much? All my friends know just how much of a sweets freak I am, but I would give up just about any sweet treat for a slice of good pizza. My favorite is feta cheese, spinach, and bacon. Yum yum!

So if it’s the perfect food, why do people who are trying to eat healthier avoid it so much? Let’s take a look at calories. The average person should get 2000 calories per day. That varies per person according to gender, age, height, and activity level.  To find out the minimum number of calories you need per day for your body to function properly, you need to find out your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and multiply it by 1.2 for a sedentary lifestyle.


You will need slightly more than this amount of calories per day as your activity increases. That would be the amount you need to maintain your weight. You would have to create a deficit to lose weight. If that person needs to lose weight, he or she must get fewer calories and/or burn off some of those calories through cardio. I’ll blog about that later.

The average slice of pepperoni pizza has about 330 calories. It doesn’t seem too bad, right? Do you stop at just one slice? Didn’t think so. Neither do I. Say I eat 3 slices (I can definitely eat more than that, though!). The calories for 3 slices of pepperoni pizza would be 990 calories! Already, I’ve consumed over half my daily calories in just one meal.

It’s amazing how many calories are in certain foods. Let’s pick on fast food because it’s quick and easy, and people love it.

Can I take your order?

Hardee’s Monster Thickburger: 1420

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza: 530

Arby’s Roast Beef and Swiss Sandwich: 777

Sonic Fritos Chili Pie: 940

Dairy Queen Chicken Strip Basket (6-piece): 1270

Arby’s Meatball Toasted Sub: 1000

Sonic Super Sonic Cheeseburger with mayo: 980 or with mustard: 890

Would you like fries with that?

McDonald’s Large Fries: 500

Chick-fil-A’s Large Waffle Fries: 420

Sonic Large Onion Rings: 640

How about a drink?

Sonic Route 44 Cherry-Limeade: 463

Dairy Queen Medium Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard: 1030

McDonald’s Triple Thick Chocolate Shake (32 oz.): 1160

Wendy’s Large Coke: 270

Sonic Strawberry-Banana Fruit Smoothie: 460

Burger King Mocha Iced Coffee (15.9 oz): 380

Sonic Chocolate Java Chiller (20 oz): 760

So you drive in to Sonic and order the following meal:

Sonic cheeseburger w/mustard (890) + a large order of onion rings (640) + a big cherry limeade (463) = 1993 calories! In just one meal, you’ve already eaten more calories than you should in an entire day.

Here’s a mindblower for ya. You go into Arby’s and think, I’ll just have a little sweet treat. Oh look, Arby’s Pecan Sticky Buns in a 4 pack. You can eat the whole thing, right? Who doesn’t like pecan sticky buns?…You just consumed 2751 calories! I hope you shared those with someone!

Up against a meal like that, pizza doesn’t sound so bad. Of course, it’s still not a great choice if you’re trying to lose weight. It’s very easy to let one’s weight creep up when high calorie food is regularly a part of the diet. I won’t even get into the gross amount of saturated fat that Sonic meal above has, which clogs the arteries and envelopes the heart and other organs, making them work harder as they push against the excess fat.

Check out this website to find out more about calories:


I went with my aunt and mom to a diner today to eat lunch. I ordered fried green tomatoes as an appetizer because I absolutely love them. I decided I would have a “bad treat.” I don’t know if the cook didn’t cook them well or if I am just losing my taste for fried foods, but I didn’t enjoy them near as much as I used to. I have a recipe for a healthier baked version of fried green tomatoes that is so yummy! My husband couldn’t believe they weren’t fried. They were so tasty.

I originally intended for this to be just a random blog about my love for pizza and to maybe pacify my craving for it, and I ended up teaching again. *shruggz* Oh well! Maybe it wasn’t just chance that I picked teaching as my career.



3 Responses to “Why is Pizza So GOOD?”

  1. Gourmet Meal Says:

    Nevertheless why is it so It takes the right combination of several components to give a pizza its real taste and thus making it great to eat. Gourmet Meal

  2. Mary Ann Says:

    Girl, I can see right now you are going to teach me a lot on this blog. That or make me really hungry! :-)

    • dragonfly180 Says:

      *lol* yeah, it may have been a mistake putting the bacon and spinach pizza image at the top. makes me crave old venice everytime!

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